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【Update Insights 11/7】New Beginning

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LifeAfter Season 2

A New Beginning

To mark the Anniversary of the release of LifeAfter last year, the game is entering the next season. This will pave the way for the much awaited Levin City map. Let's see what all the survivors will experience in the next update!


Levin City was once a prosperous metropolis. It quickly became a town of death after the virus outbreak. We can still sense its former glory by the ruins and abandoned buildings. You should particularly be aware of the swarms of the new infected breeds roaming the streets. They are extremely dangerous and should be dealt with cautiously. Do not engage them alone and make sure you're sufficiently armed. The air in Levin City is toxic. Prolonged stay will turn you into the infected. Due to incomplete intelligence the Federation is hereby warning all survivors to pay extra attention during their exploration into the city. Survivors may encounter new terrain and buildings while they're exploring.

Return to the City
The main forces are gathering outside Levin City, awaiting this final, decisive battle. Levin City, we're back!
  • Nov. 7-8 will be the preparation phase. Head to the Levin City suburbs to finish a series of preparation quests. After the amount of players who have finished preparation reaches a certain number, the time for entry into Levin City will be decided. The earlier the goal is reached, the earlier you can enter Levin City.

  • On Nov. 9, Survivors from all servers will begin entering Levin City to join the final battle. The exact time of entry will differ depending on how many players on each server have completed the preparation goals. The players on the server that completes the battle fastest will receive an exclusive title, as well as new dollars, skill points, proficiency and other rewards.

  • After the battle is over, Levin City will be officially open. Survivors with Gathering and Combat Lv. 25 or higher can head to Levin City by helicopter.

  • Within 1 hour after the battle is over, the contribution ranking rewards will be sent. The highest-ranked camp will become the Occupants of Levin City. The top 5 players and top 3 camps will have their names engraved on the obelisk in Levin City center.

Entering Levin City

  • Survivors of different levels will have their own separate sessions.

  • There are 4 refuges in Levin City. Refuges are absolute safe places and can be used to fast travel; All levels of survivors can be seen in the Refuge, and Reward Quests can be taken there!

  • An unknowns virus has spread all over Levin City. You might mutate into an Infected if your Health goes below 0. Be careful! When the player mutates into an infected person, it is divided into three levels, the first stage, the middle stage and the high level. The higher the level of the infected person, the stronger the skill and the higher the HP. Infected players can increase their infection value by ordinary attacks and phagocytosis of infected bodies, and will evolve when the infection value reaches 100. The infection value of the player infected by the survivor is higher than that of the ordinary infected person. Infected players can help infected people complete their power combat missions in the battle of power.

  • Faction Battles will occur every hour in Levin City. Survivors can choose to fight for the Humans or become infected and fight for the Infected. Complete the corresponding tasks to get the points.

  • Snippets of memories can be found in Levin City. Collect them by taking photos on the landmarks!

Area Operation
After Levin City opened its gates, an unknown virus began spreading throughout the world. Strange mutants are appearing everywhere, needing to be dealt with.

  • Daily Missions include the following Stages: Miska University, Stronghold Campaign, Return to Hope Valley, Fall Secret Path, Desert, Highland Factory, Black Mire and survivors whose Gathering level meets the corresponding requirements can team up at the entrance of Levin City to do Levin Power Plant, Hero Park, Levin City Hospital every week.

  • Every day, you can choose to participate in any of the above stages, but there is a limit to the number of stages that will grant you a reward each day. This number will increase as your Gathering level increases.

  • You can still enter other stages in Daily Mission after reaching the reward limit, but you won't get any rewards. Stages where you spent your reward limit will still give you rewards as normal.

  • There is a daily limit to how many Duty Points you can earn from Daily Missions. You cannot earn more Duty Points after reaching that limit. The weekly limit will reset at 0300 every Sunday.

New Equipment
In order to enhance the combat experience, equipment system has been expanded!

  • Added a new sub-weapon system that can be unlocked after combat level reaches 30. Survivors can configure cold weapons as a secondary weapons. After equipping a secondary weapon, they can quickly use it during a fight. After that weapon is equipped, the character also obtains some attributes from that weapon.

  • Added a new shield system which can provide damage resistance to survivors. The shield system opesn at combat level 30 as well and it can be obtained from formula research.

  • Added new pendants that can increase efficiency of proficiency for survivors. Some special pendants can provide special skills as well.

  • The new serum diffuser can be configured in the throwing object shortcut bar. It can produce different range of sustained effects.

Formula Special Research
  • Survivors can special-research Formulas unlocked at Manor Lv.7 and higher. To carry out Formula Special Research, just access the Formula you want to research.

  • Use upgrade materials to upgrade the Formula. When the Formula reaches the level cap for its star level, you can use Star-up materials to upgrade the Formula's star level.

  • After upgrading a Formula, players can get additional combat attributes when equipped with the gear or skin that corresponds to said Formula; After upgrading a Formula's Star Level, when you craft gear, the completed gear will get additional attributes from the Formula Star-up.

  • Different Formulas have different Level caps which depend on the gear quality they correspond to.

  • When upgrading a Formula's Star Level, you can also get Expertise for the corresponding Formula Compilation. Expertise and Compilation Level can be viewed in [Formula Compilation].

Equipment Adjustments

  • Reduce the durability loss of all levels of gears. The more advanced the gear, the more is the reduction in durability loss.

  • The durability loss of the weapon after overheating is greatly reduced.

  • The gear durability loss after becoming unconscious has been reduced.

  • Equipment library is expanded! Now you can get new artillery, shields, Chinese lake Howitzer, KSG Shotgun, G36C Assault Rifle, AN94 Grenade Assault Rifle, DSSR Sniper Rifle, Serrated Knife, Dark Night Armor, Dark Night Spy etc.

  • Cold weapons allow accessories to be added to them.

  • Increased the amount of spare ammunition for the Sniper Rifle.

Equipment Attribute Upgrade
  • Firearms effects:
    Precise - Hit enemies more easily but will be affected by defensive misleading attributes.
    Special Effects Bombs - Can be unlocked through formula, including Frozen Bombs, Paralyze Bombs, Torn Bombs, Turbulent Bombs. A special bullet is fired at regular intervals and the damage increases plus giving negative effects to the enemy.
    Special Effects Bomb Strength - Enhance the damage and negative effect duration of the special effect bomb on the enemy but it will weaken the vitality attribute.

  • Cold weapon effects:
    Block - Block bullets coming from the front but will weaken the precise attribute.
    Piercing - Can cause more damage to shields.

  • Armor effects:
    Shield Value - Obtain shield through shield generator for better protection. Different types of shields have different effects.
    Misleading - Make the bullets deviate and evade. Will be weakened by precise attribute.
    Vitality - Weaken the damage and negative effects of special effects bomb but will be weakened by the special effect strength of the bomb.
    Stability - The higher the value, the less likely it is to be knocked down or grabbed by a monster which is at a lower level than you.
    Bash - Knock down and enemy that is leaping or higher than its own height causing additional damage when triggered.

Virus Expert
New types of Infected are appearing everywhere, making virus research crucial in order to resist them. To this end, the Commerce Bureau has made the new Virus Expert class available.

  • Professional certification is unlocked after reaching Gathering Lv. 10. Survivors who switched profession can do so again to become Virus Experts.

  • After you get a Cert, your Talent can cause the Infected to drop more Infected Materials so you can make more Serums. Virus Damage Talent Attributes will be gained after upgrading, which can increase your Virus Damage. At the same time, you can use the Diffuser more efficiently and help out the team.

New Level
As survivors continue to grow, Commerce Bureau provide better capabilities for survivors to be better in the post-apocalyptic world.

  • An Expert can now be promoted to an Advanced Expert when all three of their Mastery Levels reach Lv. 70. This will give you greater Profession Talent abilities.

  • Experts in each profession will have greater talent skills than before. New talent branches for the three basic classes have been added: Fishing, Cooking and Projectile. After the Nov. 7th update, the Federation will send each Survivor a free profession-change coupon, which can be used to switch professions once for free.

  • Lv. 15 Manor: Can be upgraded when all three Mastery Levels reach Lv. 75. After the upgrade, the Basic Structure Score and Furniture Score will increase, Super Framework for Drones will be unlocked and Lv. 6 Reagent Formulas will become available.

  • Lv. 16 Manor: Can be upgraded when all three Mastery Levels reach Lv. 80. After the upgrade, the Basic Structure Score and Furniture Score will increase, a new Manor skin and Super Engine for Drones will be unlocked and Lv. 6 Reagent Formulas will become available.

  • Your original excess Mastery will be preserved after the new Mastery Level has been implemented. After your Mastery Level reaches 80, your excess Mastery will continue to be converted to supplies.

Anniversary Training
  • New limited outfit, Street Art is available!

  • A Formula R&D bonus has been implemented. New Gear Formula composition will yield a higher success rate. There will also be 50% off the Gold Bar and Formula Shard cost for the first 5x Draw every day.

  • During the event, use the specified weapons to complete the Special Trials to get the corresponding rewards.

  • During the event, if an order reaches a certain price, its overall price can be discounted. The order can include any item.

  • Lucky Rich is open, you can exchange a certain number of tokens for 100 New Dollar and Gain 1 dice rolls. Players win the reward that corresponds to the number they roll on the dice.

  • A limited-time Lucky Gift Box will be available from Nov. 13 to Nov. 20, containing the exclusive outfits Night Walker or Rock On.

  • Caravan 101 can be divided into General Training and Double Training. Invite a friend to train with you! Login for 7 days to get the Guardian Commander outfit (365 days). Precious items such as geometric furniture will be available in the market to buy.

Other Changes
  • Hope Valley has been updated. Wooden fences and Ammo boxes have been added in the Lab, first boss battle mechanism has been optimized, increased supplies for the second boss battle and better oil barrel response.

  • World level has been adjusted to better help low-level players to integrate into the game.

  • The new team assembly function has been added with which survivors can quickly find the location of teammates.

  • The corner interface has been renewed and a new optional face is added to each male and female characters.

  • Strengthened the most advanced structural building armor at the Charles Town Transfer Station.

  • The damage from extreme heights has been increased. Please pay attention to the terrain.

  • A variety of food recipes has been added. For the list of current food recipes, visit here.

  • The stronghold battles have new difficulty stars according to the level of the survivors.

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