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Update Announcement (November 20th)

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The Landlord
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[Nancy City Sport]
1. Between 18:00-22:00 every day, Nancy City Sport will become available. During the sports event, all regular modes will still be available.
2. There are 5 modes available: All Out, BoomTime, TopSniper, Brawl, JetFight. One of the above modes will be opened at random every day.
3. During the event, there will be 2 extra training quests, which will grant you extra rewards. Quests for regular modes can also be completed in sports mode.
4. For each sports match you finish you will get Sport Medals, of which, you can earn 200 per day. Sport Medals can be exchanged for exclusive rewards at training officer Acer.
5. In all sports modes, the Max Shield provided by all kinds of shields is reduced by 50%.

[Caravan 101]
1. New limited outfit鈥斺擨vy RND is available锛
2. Between 18:00-22:00 every day, players can be matched through the event page. After matching is complete, players will enter the competition map. Players can only be matched after their Gathering, Crafting and Combat levels reach Lv. 15 or above. At 3:00am either the Horse Race, Snowball Fight or Diving will be selected as the event for that day\'s Honor Contest. You can participate in the contest up to 5 times a day.
3. You can join the Happy Lucky Bag event. To take part in it, you have toset a prize pool. Once the prize pool\'s rewards are selected, players shall spend event tokens on draws. Each item will be removed once drawn. All of the items in the prize pool are guaranteed to be obtained after 12 draws.
4. In Exclusive Building Fusion, each fusion is guaranteed to yield a building-related Formula, and has a chance of yielding a brand new Roman formula(s).During the event, you can get 1 free fusion chance every 23 hours.After the event, Roman Building Formulas will be added to each fusion level of the Formula Research Station.
5. 11.28 - 12.4, Items will be refreshed for the Lucky Snap-up. Players can spend small amount of Federation Check to draw the items.
6. Caravan 101 can be divided into General Training and Double Training. Invite a friend to train with you!

[Area Operation Optimization]
1. Fixed an issue where Infected in Golden Desert and Special Mutants in Levin City Hospital couldn\'t attack Barricades;
2. The pursuit range of the Imperial Army Chief in Highland Factory has been modified. The Imperial Army Chief can no longer leave the Imperial Stronghold area;
3. For the Special Mutants in Highland Factory, their normal attack has been replaced by a long range attack;
4. Fixed the issue where there was an invisible wall bug in the Black Mire spawn point;
5. When participating in Area Operation, the process of entry for teams from different lines has been improved;
6. Now it\'s possible to get the corresponding Duty Points by obtaining a B-rating in Fall Secret Path, Golden Desert, Highland Factory, Black Mire, Hero Park and Levin City Hospital;

[Profession Talent Optimization]
1. New Virus Expert titles have been added to the game;
2. Now, the extra products produced by the talent \"Activation Tech\" in the Wilderness have been changed to non-infected items;
3. The talent \"Fine Cook\" can now correctly add production queues for all cooking devices in the home.

[Levin City Adjustments]
1. Levin City Faction Battle has been added to the Daily List. When your Daily Score reaches 25/50/75/100, you can earn the corresponding Duty Points;
2. When you reach Combat Lv.38 or higher, you can earn Formula Special Research materials after reaching 100 Points;
3. When you become infected in Levin City, you can see other survivors\' Health, and the HP display has been optimized;
4. Now monsters in Levin City deal less damage. Damage of the Infected Female\'s Deafening Scream has been reduced;
5. The monsters near the helicopter have been forced to run away, making entering and leaving Levin City a lot safer.

[Other Content and New Rules]
1. Fixed an issue where Sawblades couldn\'t be upgraded;
2. Improved the presentation of HP recovery when equipped with a shield;
3. Fixed an issue where Crystal Plain No.8 and Moonlit Fields No.9 were attacked by infected in neighboring areas during the Zombie Siege;
4. Fixed an issue where you could open Resource Packs under non-still state when playing Infiltration;
5. You can now tap the upgrade materials the Backpack to use them. Tap on the Use button to jump to the Formula Special Research screen;
6. The Formula order in Formula Compilation has been improved;
7. You can now donate more Ingredients to the Camp Canteen.

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