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Update Announcement (January 1st)

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The Landlord
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[Map Level]
1. The Wilderness Maps have different levels. Survivors can select different Map Levels to go from the Camp or the Development Area via helicopter;
2. Different Map Levels require survivors to reach different Gathering Levels;
3. Different Map Levels grant survivors different Rare Items (green). Higher level maps yields advanced Rare Items (green); on the same Wilderness Map, the yielded Valuable Items (blue) remain the same regardless of Map Levels;
4. On the same Wilderness Map, as the Map Level goes up, the possibility for survivors to get Valuable Items (blue) increases;
5. As Map Level changes, survivors will face different dangers in the Wilderness. On higher level Maps, more difficult challenges appear.

[New Year]
1. New Outfit - Dark Tales is now available for purchase in the Mall. Enjoy a limited-time discount during the event. Purchase the outfit to get a bonus exclusive action;
2. Plan for the New Year! Make a wish list with the thing you want the most at the top, and complete the corresponding wish quest to claim Wish rewards. Completing all wish quests will grant you an extra reward;
3. N.Year Bloom. You can gather/fight/fish on Wilderness Maps to get Flower Language Boxes. Open them to get 1 kind of flower at random. You can exchange a certain number of flowers to get Flower Language Combination Rewards;
4. During the Lucky Hunt event from Jan 1st-15th, you can exchange a Check for 100 New Dollars as well as a chance in the treasure hunt, which can grant you random advanced weapon formulas and skins for Flamethrower, Howitzer and more;
5. A limited-time Lucky Gift Box will be available from Jan 8th to Jan 15th. The box may contain the exclusive outfit Icy Phantom;
6. Duo Training is now available. You can invite a friend to train with you. Complete designated quests to get Mastery and New Year Coinage. New Year Coinage can be used to redeem valuable items, such as live wallpapers and Winter Furniture Chests, in the Caravan Market for a limited time.

[Any-time Upgrade]
Dear survivors, Scientia has made a significant breakthrough in Gear Upgrades. Now you can upgrade your gears even more conveniently:
1. The Nanoplastic Maker\'s conversion process has been optimized, allowing advanced common Workables to be converted into Nanoplastic III;
2. Can craft Upgrade Materials in Portable Formulas;
3. Now you can upgrade your gear directly as well as customize them. You don\'t need to develop the Formula+ first;
4. The Formula+ has been rated, making it easier for you to evaluate and select a Formula+;
5. This research yielded a new fruit - Advanced Chips. Survivors can use Advanced Chips to lock a Formula+. When locked, gear can be given powerful upgrade attributes based on Formula+ ratings;
6. The survivors that keep using the gear upgrade function offer valuable research data. As a token of our appreciation, the Trade Federation has decided to reward gear upgrade pioneers and their rewards will be sent by mail. Please check if you\'ve received it.

[Death High Improvements]
1. The Challenge time for Floor 87 and Floor 89 has increased by 120 seconds;
2. HP Regen of the Special Infected on Floor 90 has been lowered;
3. The number of the Infected you need to wipe out on Floor 73 has been lowered;
4. Now the Female Infected\'s scream deals less damage;
5. Now gear durability should no longer decrease if you die after the challenge time ends in Death High.

[Other Content and New Rules]
1. Now the Special Mutants in Hero Park can attack from a distance;
2. Fixed an issue where Signal Projector\'s real signal area was not the same as the displayed area in Levin City Hospita, and Special Mutants in Levin City Hospital couldn\'t attack as intended when blocked by trees;
3. Fixed the issue where the final boss in the Levin City Station didn\'t work normally due to the buildings. Fixed the issue where the Special Infected couldn\'t fight normally in Levin City Station;
4. The issue where players performed the Unstuck operation in the Levin City Train Station to get the wrong location has been fixed;
5. Lv.6 Film Formula is now available to unlock at Manor Lv.15;
6. Advanced Basic Shield, Advanced Azure Shield and Advanced Sulfate Shield have been added to the Formula Compilations;
7. Now every reward on the Weekly Camp Activity Rankings requires less Weekly APs;
8. Fixed an issue where Shoot Dead the Infected Quest from Weekend Resident Requests in the Fall Forest led to the game crashing.


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The Sofa
Post time 2020-1-8 21:51:25 From the mobile phone | Show the author posts only
Okay. I have alot of anger held back I really want to press this issue without making myself look bad not cussing uncontrollably. You seriously need to fix the random formula generator. Code the necessary codes program the necessary data so it will gaurauntee a good formula a NEW FORMULA. I have wasted $1300 dollars the past 4 months on ALREADY LEARNED FORMULAS. It is just ridiculous.  And what's worse is you guys KNOW HOW TO FIX IT. All it takes is changing a few codings or databases or whatever it is you did to make that aspect of the game. I'm furious right now. And so many people are. It really just makes me think this game is nothing but a SCAM and not meant for FUN. Because I am NOT HAVING FUN at all wasting my money on nothing. I'm done playing for a while until I see an update on this issue. YOU KNOW HOW TO CHANGE IT. Jus make it to where u get a new formula every time and eliminate the random generator. I will not recommend this money scam to any if my colleagues or social community. Goodbye and thanks for a terrible wasted of time
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