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Update Announcement (November 6th)

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The Landlord
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[Seamless World]
[Seamless World]
1. The new continent is divided into many regions. No obstacles exist between the open regions. Now Survivors can freely go anywhere in the new continent!
2. The level ranges for different regions are different. There are also level adjustments on the map (such as Sand Castle adjusted to Lv. 76-80, Mouth Swamp adjusted to Lv. 63-67). Survivors, remember to view map information and do what you can based on your abilities.
3. Each region has lots of exploration quests. Survivors can tap the Explore button on the left side of the map to view them. Complete exploration quests, including Landmark Clock-ins, Treasure Chest Opens, Unlock the Passageway, and more, to earn abundant rewards! Plus, the Clock-in data of Levin City and New Levin City Area will be synchronized to the new exploration system.
4. Survivors can fly by Helicopter between the Pact Zones where their Passageways have been unlocked. Plus, the location information for Mystic Creatures and Area Operations is also displayed when flying.

[Extraction Permit]
1. Extraction Permits are unlocked based on players' Gathering Level. Once unlocked銆 the resources of the corresponding level can be extracted.
2.The Extraction Permit resets at 03:00 every day銆 adding 120 rare resource quota and 60 valuable resource quota. Federation Members can enjoy 20 more rare resource quota and valuable resource quota.
3.Resources of the same level share the same Extraction Permit. There is a maximum amount of resources that can be extracted every day. Gathering blue resources uses valuable item quota; gathering green resources uses rare item quota.
4.The Extraction Quota can be purchased by spending Gold Bars. After purchasing or automatically increasing銆 the resources available to extract cannot exceed the maximum. After running out of the Extraction Quota銆 some extracted resources can be temporarily stored in Temporary Resource Storage Boxes. After increasing Extraction Quota銆 they can be taken out at any time.

[Assistance Quest]
1. New Assistance Quests have replaced the previous Reward Quests; There are NPC quest givers in each region. Survivors accept quests and complete them to earn rewards. Assistance Quests for high-level regions will grant better rewards.
2. There is an upper limit for accepting Assistance Quests every day. A higher-level Survivor can accept more Assistance Quests.
3. Limited-time Assistance Quests are unlocked when Survivors reach Gathering Mastery Lv. 10. Completing them to earn double Duty Points and rewards; 3x Double Duty Points and Rewards for Survivors with Lv. 42(+) Gathering Mastery.
4. For two Cohabiting Survivors, they get the same random Assistance Quests every day, and they also share the same Assistance Quest progress.

[Gathering Voucher]
1. Stronghold Battle quests were cancelled. Survivors can no longer obtain Exploits from Pact Zones. Correspondingly, Hawk Squad will proportionately convert Exploits into Gathering Vouchers and send them to your Mailbox. Plus, participating in Area Operations now rewards Gathering Vouchers as a replacement for Exploits.
2. Gathering Vouchers can be given to Gathering Teammates to help Survivors gather resources. The Gathering Team will appear in random regions every day. Survivors can use maps to learn whether the Gathering Teammates are in the current region.

[Infrastructure System]
With the restart of the world, Survivors will greet a much more vast continent. For this reason, the Federation has opened up construction rights to Survivors in some Pact Zones. Let's build the world up together!
1. The Infrastructure System is unlocked when Survivors' Manor reaches Lv. 5. Upgrading the Manor can unlock Infrastructure Formulas. Some Infrastructure Formulas can also be unlocked by using Gold Bars after meeting the required amount of infrastructure and Likes.
2. Infrastructure includes highways and basic facilities (such as Post Boxes, Revival Points, Lamp Posts, etc.), and all completed infrastructure are available for all Survivors to use. There are certain restrictions on constructing infrastructure. Survivors must follow the Federation's rules regarding building infrastructure.
3. After connecting highways, Survivors can use the newly developed Autopilot provided by the Federation to get to the destination more conveniently. After selecting the destination on the highway, the vehicle will automatically drive to the highway location closest to the destination.

[Four Seasons System]
From this moment on, the world is no longer a static place. The seasons will start cycling, with lush and green foliage. Survivors will merge into the ever-changing world, and draw the most beautiful picture of LifeAfter.
1. Added four seasons, and the various regions in LifeAfter will change with the seasons; the duration of each season is one week, and the season changes at 03:00 on Saturday.
2. Temperatures will dynamically change with the seasons. Overheating or freezing may cause negative effects. Survivors should ensure they're maintaining a proper body temperature! In addition, a small fan is added to the Portable Formula, and players can hold the small fan to cool off.
3. Survivors may encounter different severe weather in different seasons. In spring, summer, and autumn, Survivors may encounter thunderstorms or sandstorms. In winter, Survivors may encounter snowstorms!
4. Added new seasonal fish and food. Different seasons yield different fish and food. To view seasonal production in a specific region, tap on the Map Production button on the left side of the map.

[Vehicles for the People]
To improve Survivors' movement speed on the new continent, the Federation has prepared a special vehicle as a gift for all Survivors!
1. For Survivors who have registered the game and completed the Rookie Story before November 7th, 2020, the Federation will send the vehicle Trailblazer to their mailboxes. If you are eligible to get the vehicle, please check for it. For Survivors who have just come to LifeAfter, complete A Hopeful 101 in the Rookie Story to claim the vehicle Trailblazer by talking to Rachel.
2. Thanks to the latest research from Scientia, the Urban Ranger series vehicles, Rider of the Wild series vehicles, and Duo Mirage series vehicles will be equipped with Scientia technology - the Solar Battery. And now, these vehicles require no fuel; these vehicles can also automatically navigate to a highway.
3. Survivors have a chance to encounter an old helicopter in Pact Zones. Survivors can pilot it freely in the sky!

To celebrate LifeAfter's second anniversary, the Caravan will hold celebration events to bring Survivors even more surprises and benefits!
1. Immortal Tale: For the second anniversary, purchase the exclusive outfit in the Mall to get a bonus exclusive action! Immortal Tale Collector's Edition can be obtained by participating in the Enchanted event, and the outfit also gifts an extra new title with a dynamic lighting effect!
2. Sign in every day from  Nov 7th to Nov 28th for great rewards.
3.Go to the designated area to complete each task to receive the corresponding reward.
4. Fusion Chance Up: During the event, Survivors can enjoy increased Weapon Formula fusion chances for a limited time. The first 5x Fusion each day are 50% off. More Survivor fusion leads to a higher chance of obtaining Collector's Edition Weapon Skins. These chances will continue to increase until Survivors receive an un-acquired Collector's Edition Weapon Skin! For Survivors with Lv. 60 Crafting, the Exclusive Fusion Formulas matched to their Crafting Level will be unlocked. Only current level Formulas are in the Exclusive Fusion Formula Archive! For the Exclusive Fusion, some Formulas' fusion chances will see periodic increases, which are updated once a week. Formulas with the Exclusive Fusion chance up will also receive the bonus from the Fusion Chance Up event!
5.Limited-Time Accessory Drop Rate Boost: From Nov 8th 3:00am to Nov 15th 2:59am, there's a higher chance of obtaining exclusive accessories from Ownerless Treasure Chests upon completing an Area Operation with a team in Fall Secret Path, Golden Desert, Highland Factory, Black Mire, Hillside Stronghold, Submerged Island Reef ,or Tea Party.
6.From Nov 7th to Nov 18th, lots of Celebration Gift Boxes and Hope Gift Boxes will be dropped from the sky in Hope 101 and the Camp every evening between 19:00-21:00.
8. War Song: From November 12th to 8:00 AM on 26th, the War Song Gift Box is available in the Mall. Open the vehicle box for a chance to get special rewards, such as Orion series vehicles, Urban Ranger series vehicles, Thunder Engine Gift Box and more.
9. Disc. Market: From November 12th to 8:00 AM on the 19th, the Disc. Market is available. If an order reaches a certain price, its overall price can be discounted. The order can include any item. The items in the Disc. Market refresh every day.

[Special Face Customization, a Unique Look for Each Survivor]
1. When Survivors select their initial image, they will be able to freely customize their face, hairstyle, makeup, and other details. Customize your own unique look!
2. From November 7th to December 31st, all Survivors who have registered the game before November 7th will receive a Facelift Card, which is a gift to help Survivors customize their own unique look! (The Facelift Card is valid until January 15th, 2021)

[New Class - Treasure Tracker]
1. Professional certification is unlocked after reaching Gathering Lv. 10. Survivors who switched profession can do so again to become Treasure Trackers.
2. Treasure Trackers can make Detection Chips and learn Talents to help survey for traces of underground treasure. They can detect precious items, such as Gold Bars, new structures, furniture, Energization items that can enhance equipment, etc. Moreover, if all three of your Mastery Levels have reached Lv.10, you can receive a Basic Detection Chips from the Commerce Bureau.
3. To celebrate the advent of the new profession, from November 7th to December 31st, all Survivors who have registered before November 7th will receive a Profession Change Card from the Commerce Bureau, a gift to help Survivors try more professions! (The Profession Change Card is valid until January 15th, 2021)

[New Level]
1. An Advanced Expert can now be promoted to an Senior Expert when all three of their Mastery Levels reach Lv. 90. This will give you greater Profession Talent abilities.
2. Lv. 19 Manor: Can be upgraded when all three Mastery Levels reach Lv. 95.
3. Lv. 20 Manor: Can be upgraded when all three Mastery Levels reach Lv. 100.
4. Your original excess Mastery will be preserved after the new Mastery Level has been implemented. After your Mastery Level reaches 100銆 your excess Mastery will continue to be converted to supplies.

[Tea Party]
1. The first time you clear the operation each day銆 you will receive a Clearance Reward and an extra Rating Reward. Each Rating Reward can only be obtained once a day and is reset at 03:00 every morning.
2. During the operation銆 ammo cost and depletion of gear Durability are both reduced by 90%. Durability loss when you're knocked unconscious is also reduced by 90%.

[Control Building]
1. Clearing the operation for the first time each week will grant a Clearance Reward. Each clearance will also grant an additional Rating Reward. Each Rating Reward can only be obtained once a week銆 and is reset at 3:00 a.m. every Sunday.
2. During the operation銆 the depleting rate of gear Durability and ammo cost is reduced by 90%. The gear Durability loss when unconscious is reduced by 90%.

[Increased Level Cap for Talents and Manors]
As Survivors become stronger in the post-apocalyptic world, the Commerce Bureau will increase the level cap to level 20, and all three Mastery Levels to level 100, so that Survivors can strive for a better life in this post-apocalypse world.
5. New powerful Lv. 90 Weapons, Armor, and Shields have been added, which can be obtained through Fusion VI at the Formula Research Station. The Survivors whose Crafting Levels have reached Lv. 90 can activate Lv. 90 Exclusive Fusion and enjoy an increased fusion rate for random Formulas every week!

[Optimization of Mastery Gain]
1. Adjusted the World Level upgrade speed. Now Survivors with lower Mastery Levels can level up faster.
2. Significantly increased the Mastery in the Duty Chests. Now the Mastery in the Duty Chests accounts for a larger proportion of the total Mastery gained of the day.
3. The Survivors with Manors Lv. 1-5 will receive Mastery compensation for Duty Chests, and for the Survivors with Manors Lv. 6 and above, the Mastery compensation for Duty Chests will be increased. The Mastery compensation for other game modes has been cancelled.
4. Returning Gift Pack added. Survivors with Manors Lv. 7 and above can get Mastery Packs when they return to the game, allowing them to adapt to the new world faster!

[Camp Tax Revenue]
1. The Camp Resource Shipping Tax is cancelled; activities like shipping in Pact Zones and planting in the Manor no longer contribute taxes to the Camp. All mailed supplies are now tax free.
2. When Survivors participate in some Camp Events, they will receive additional Vault Supplies, and Camp Vault Donation Quests have been added. The Supplies in the Vault are used for the Camp's daily operating costs.
3. Manors breached in Turbulent City will no longer increase the tax rate, but the Camp operating costs will be increased the next day. More breached Manors that a Camp has leads to higher operational costs the next day (can be increased by up to 100%). Camp Technologies are not affected.

[Mystic Creature Refitted]
1. Clues to the Mystic Creature have been added, which will randomly appear in different areas. By investigating them, you can receive rewards and even have a chance to detect abnormal traces of the Mystic Creatures! In respawning notices of Mystic Creature, holographic projections of Mystic Creatures will be added at the spawn point to provide related information.
2. After beating a Mystic Creature, you can collect gene samples, and Scientia will automatically send you rewards based on the quantity of gene samples you've collected. After reaching the daily gene sample collection goal, you will also gain an extra treasure chest reward.
3. The main rewards for beating the Mystic Creature are now issued through Stage Chests, and the overall rewards have been increased. There is an upper limit on the number of gene samples that can be obtained daily, and the daily ranking rewards can be obtained up to 3 times.

[Other Features and New Rules]
After the world of LifeAfter was reset, many features and rules have changed. Survivors, please listen to the radio and tell what you hear to others. After entering the new world of LifeAfter, try discovering the changes and enjoy the new experience.
1. The Rookie Story quests have been revamped. Survivors who have entered the world of LifeAfter for the first time will experience more dramatic stories.
2. The Survival Manual has been optimized, adding segment rewards and chapter rewards, so Survivors will receive more comprehensive and caring guidance. The Survivors who have received rewards from the Survival Manual before will receive the upgraded rewards via mail.
3. Added 8 fish, 4 collectables, and 48 dishes. Survivors can go into the wild to obtain ingredients for cooking.
4. Added 3 Camp Spray Paints, which will display the names of the Camp and User. Plus, the latest Charles Town Clash Spray Paint will also display the names of the Camp and User. All Camps will have a new opportunity to choose Camp Spray Paint.
5. After the world reset, when Survivors returned to the world of LifeAfter for the first time, they take a Federation helicopter to enjoy the sights from the air and receive a warm welcome from Rachel in Hope 101.
6. The Survivors who have participated in the Badge DIY and joined a Private Camp will have Camp Badges and can set up the Badge Booth that belongs to their Camp with Camp mates.
7. The search range of Gathering Drones has been expanded! Gathering Drones of higher levels will have an increased search range.
8. Scope System added. A scope feature will be unlocked once you install any type or grade of scope accessory (including red dot scope, holographic scope, X2 scope, X4 scope, etc.). Different weapons can have different scope features, and Survivors can install scopes based on their needs.
9. Adjusted the firing mode for Sniper Rifles and the No-scope Talent. Sniper Rifles now can be fired without using the scope by default, and you can keep the sight on with the Sight On button.
10. Added a 6th Double Manor in Levin City Outskirts. Camp Citizens who have unlocked Levin City Outskirts can buy it in the Camp Auction after the update. The auction rules are the same as those for the first 5 Double Manors. In addition, Formula Special Research Materials for new levels are on sale now in the Levin City Outskirts Shop.
11. Adjusted the Crafting Mastery level required by the Camp Weapon Shop and Armor Shop to make basic accessories. The recommendations for equipping accessories and the sorting rules on the upgrade screen have also been optimized.
12. When Survivors upgrade their Manors to Lv. 17, they will unlock Formulas for the Ultimate Engine and Ultimate Framework. Players who have already reached Manor Lv. 17 will also get these Formulas.
13. Competition Mode has been removed from Redwood Town.
14. The admittance level for Farstar City has been changed to Combat Level 15.ty Outskirts Shop.
11. Adjusted the Crafting Mastery level required by the Camp Weapon Shop and Armor Shop to make basic accessories. The recommendations for equipping accessories and the sorting rules on the upgrade screen have also been optimized.
12. When Survivors upgrade their Manors to Lv. 17, they will unlock Formulas for the Ultimate Engine and Ultimate Framework. Players who have already reached Manor Lv. 17 will also get these Formulas.
13. Competition Mode has been removed from Redwood Town.
14. The admittance level for Farstar City has been changed to Combat Level 15.


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