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【Update Insights 5/14】The Eruption

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The Landlord
Blazing Frontline

The temperature in the end of the world has increased sharply, and behind the frequent occurrence of visions, there seems to be an unknown crisis ...

  • Sudden earthquakes, temperature increases, reduced food resources, and new types of mutations in the world. Investigating the vision by assisting the experts of the Scientia to investigate the evidence, or assisting the captain of the Commerce Bureau to eliminate the new variants ... No one knows what will happen next, but everyone needs to make a choice, and your choice will change the future.

  • There are two branch options for the main story of each stage. Selecting different branches will have different stage transactions. Completing the stage transactions will increase the progress of the corresponding branch, and the branch with the progress to 100% will determine the next stage plot. All servers will synchronize the decision situation and branch progress.

  • Each gameplay participating in the blazing frontline can get hot copper coins, which can be exchanged for various rare materials in the material supply library, and have a chance to obtain the formula of the assault howitzer, the 95-type assault rifle formula, the crimson assault armor formula, premium goggles and other rare formulas.

  • The selection of different branch lines will not affect the number of hot copper coins obtained. The total number of hot copper coins available for different branch lines is equal.

  • Set the personal contribution list, camp contribution list and server contribution list according to the number of hot copper coins obtained during the event. At the end of the event, rare rewards such as exclusive titles and full service speakers will be issued according to the ranking. The server with the highest total contribution value will also receive exclusive title reward and all server notifications.


  • Brand new outfit Chef Genie is available in the Mall with an exclusive action, purchase during the training to get limited-time discount.

  • Love collection. During the event, players can obtain sweet gift boxes by collecting maps, knocking down infected, and fishing in the wilderness area. Opening the gift box will randomly get dessert props. You can redeem the combined rewards by consuming the corresponding number of dessert props.

  • In the Cooking Competition, survivors with a collection, manufacturing, and combat level of 10 can go to the camp or Hope 101 to participate in the cooking competition at 9:00 - 23:50 every day. They can challenge 2 times a day for 60 seconds. The designated dishes are made in sequence, the faster the production, the higher the points. Receive the corresponding reward points based on the survivor's highest daily score. The top ten survivors of daily points will receive additional rewards.
  • Lucky Hunt is open. During the event, the commemorative silver coins can be exchanged for 100 new dollars and a lucky draw opportunity will be given. Opening the treasure chest will have the opportunity to obtain rare props such as the drone chip formula and rainbow unicorn gift boxes. According to the different props extracted, points will also be accumulated. When the points reach a certain value, you can receive corresponding stage rewards.

  • Sign-In for 7 days. You can accumulate savings rewards by signing in every day. The more you sign in, the better the savings rewards.

  • The 520 celebration starts, and an online friend will be invited to participate in the two-person blessing event before 23:00 on May 20th. 26 lucky couples will be selected at 24:00 that night, and each will receive a 9999 gold bar reward. The remaining players will participate Get thank you rewards.

  • On May 20th, from 19:00 to 21:00, Hope 101 and the camp will sprinkle a lot of ploughing gift boxes and early summer gift boxes. Opening the gift box will get rich rewards such as mastery, and have the opportunity to get an additional dance night star outfit collection gift box, limited to 2 per server.

  • From May 20th to May 27th, there is a chance to buy special gift boxes with cheques to receive special rewards such as the outfit commissioner's fashion gift box, romantic fairytale hot air balloon, and gold voucher selection box.

  • From May 20th to May 27th, the 520 special event will be opened. Special accessories such as skill upgrades and gold bars will be displayed on the Mall. At the same time, the caravan market returns to the Valentine's Day series of pet fashion and furniture.

  • The Duo Training is open, you can invite friends to participate together, complete the specified tasks to get mastery and commemorative silver coins. Commemorative silver coins can be exchanged for precious items such as kitchen furniture in the caravan market for a limited time. Completing the training mission can also obtain additional energy points for the drone. Investing in energy points can improve the progress of the drone inspection. After completing the map inspection, you can get rich inspection rewards.

Other Changes

  • Reduced the favorability requirement of the Quintus mission in the "Scientia's Trouble" from "Casual Chit Chat" to "Comings and Goings".

  • Improved the appearance of the infected, and more infected with different shapes will appear in the wilderness.

  • Optimized the problem of stagnation caused by too many friends / enemy nearby. You can now manually adjust the upper limit of the number of nearby friendly / enemy players displayed in "Settings > Display Settings". At the same time, when adjusting the image quality, the system will automatically adjust the model display quantity.

  • Optimized the matching rules of FarStar City, and the survivors in the same line will be more balanced.

  • Optimized the display location of the product details in the trade city, and will not obscure the purchase button (or publicity period).

  • Fixed and optimized the abnormal collision of some walking areas on the map of the Levin Hotel on the top floor.

  • Fix the statistical problem of the number of furniture formulas in achievements.

  • Fix the icon error of dark gray travel backpack.

Test Server Changes
These changes may or may not come in the next update. These are just being tested in the test server as we speak.

  • Added a custom key to save to the account function, survivors can be set in the Action Settings - Custom Controls function to use

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