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【Update Insights 12/17】Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas

The following places will receive snowfall for 2 weeks until 26th December 2020, 03:00.
  • Private Camp
  • Hope 101
  • Snow Highlands
  • Mount Snow
  • Polar Tjaele

A special Christmas hat would be seen worn by NPCs in the Private Camp and Hope 101. Apart from that the chat box frame and the chat frame itself, would be in a more christmassy style.

  • Outfits
    Xmas Song - Mall (Sale for a limited time, in image).
    Snow Melody - Lootbox (Advanced Outfit - Dynamic Title)

  • Lucky Wish
    Survivors can fulfill each other's wishes in this event and gain double the friendliness while doing so. All the players that took part in this event would be entered in a draw for winning Xmas Song outfit on Christmas day, 25th December 2020, 20:00. There will be a total of 3 winners for this event.

  • Christmas Sign-in
    Daily rewards
    to all survivors that include, but not limited to, Christmas Hat Spray Paint, Melodic Lucky Gift Box, Formula Shards, and more. You can catch up if you missed a daily sign-in by spending 100 Duty Points.

  • Spread Your Wish
    Just like last Christmas, you can plant Fir trees in your farmland which give Xmas Candy Bars upon harvesting.

  • Xmas Stocking
    Survivors will be given 3 simple quests to do everyday which will each give a Xmas Stocking. Use these to wish at the Christmas Tree in Private Camp or Hope 101. 3 wishes will be fullfilled in each server at 23:00 each day.

  • Snowman Contest
    Gathering, Combat, Area Operations & Fishing will give you Snow Balls which can be submitted to Snowman Bases on certain maps. The area with most building progress will receive falling Sky Giftboxes full of mastery, new dollars and skill points at 20:00 each day.

  • Snow Melody
    where you have a chance to get the Snow Melody outfit, Ironfist Pendant, Endeavour Jetpack and more.
    08:00 17th December 2020 - 08:00 31st December 2020

  • Limited-Time Building
    Redeem building gift boxes using Xmas Candy Bars to get modern building blueprints. First 5x draw will guarantee you an exquisite blueprint.
    03:00 24th December 2020 - 08:00 31st December 2020

  • Duo Training
    Event quests that can do with a friend to earn you Xmas Candy Bars and other rewards.
    Xmas Candy Bars can be used to redeem exquisite items such as Classic Christmas Lights, Christmas Bonsai, and Christmas socks in the Caravan Market for a limited time! In addition, the Ice Dreamland Furniture Chest will also be on sale for a limited time. Open the chest for a chance to receive rare furniture including snow machines, snowmen, wall lamps, snowman sofa, and more.
    17-Dec-Furniture6.jpg 17-Dec-Furniture5.jpg 17-Dec-Furniture4.jpg 17-Dec-Furniture3.jpg 17-Dec-Furniture2.jpg 17-Dec-Furniture1.jpg

  • Christmas Exclusives
    Warm Furniture Pack, Classic Furniture Pack, Xmas Warmth Pack, Christmas Lovers Gift Pack, and more will be available in Mall > Christmas Exclusives for a limited time.
    03:00 25th December 2020 - 08:00 31st December 2020

  • Wish Mall
    Added many new gifts including Christmas themed cards, bikes, outfits, and more.

Daily Pack

  • 3 Daily Packs are added to the Mall. One of them is free and the other two are paid, Special Selection Pack I & II.

  • On purchasing both the Special packs, survivors get extra rewards.

  • There is an option to purchase the gift pack subscription for 7 days which will cost 30% less and give all the benefits of buying those packs individually each day. Unclaimed rewards will be sent through mail.

  • The Special Sale Packs have been removed from the Mall.

Quick Interaction

  • Aim at others to access the quick interactions wheel that includes actions like Add Friend, Team Up, Duo Emotes etc.

  • Adding a friend through the Quick Interaction whee will invite them to Fist Bump and teaming up will invite them to High Five.

Team Revival Point

  • New abandoned Revival Points have been found in Area Operations. Survivors can activate these Revival Points to record their quest progress. When they fail the Area Operation, they will be revived near the activated Revival Point and receive another chance to complete the quest from that point on.

  • Team Revival Points have limited usage.

Mystic Creature

  • Lowered the difficulty and reward threshold of some Mystic Creatures.

  • Adjusted the spawn location of some Mystic Creatures.

  • To meet Survivors' demand for special materials, Advanced Mystic Creature Chests now include Polymer Coating, Film Fabric, Tactical Fender, and Bulletproof Ceramic (Survivors below Manor Lv. 10 will not receive Tactical Fender or Bulletproof Ceramic).

Other Changes

  • Added new Caravan temporary commission items to Twin Ways City, Miska Town, River Area, Mouth Town, Lawrence Bay, Polar Tjaele, Summer Rain Highway, Swamp Border, Mount Gray Bear, Mount Apparition, Lesins Port, Blade Hunter Base, Gatey Woods, Christmas Village, Vina Snow Park, Assyrian Grassfield, Galaxy Valley, Silent Plain, and Barren Wilds.

  • Adjusted the duration of Emoji infrastructures to 1 hour.

  • Survivors can manage and delete tags by themselves; at the same time, when Survivors set up display tags, players who gave the tags will be notified.

  • Title rewards can be previewed.

  • Fixed the abnormal weather during Snow Highlands Story QuestBarracks Sneak Operation.

  • Reopened train transport in Redwood Town West. Every day at 12:00, 15:30, 19:00, and 22:30, Rebel Mercenary trains transporting resource crates will pass through Redwood Town railway. Open the resource crates onboard the train to receive a huge amount of Military Exploits and resources.

  • Fixed the issue where Survivors could get stuck in Darkest Prison.

  • Fixed the resource spawn in Levin City and Levin City Dawn District, which will be displayed on the Extraction Permit according to the resource level. The amount of Extraction Permit quota required will also change according to the level.

  • Items like Polymer Coating have been added to the VIP Store. Discounted items will be refreshed every day.

  • Treasure Tracker - Added a variety of Babylonian style furniture, structures and wallpapers. Intermediate or Advanced Detection Chips have a chance to receive these new items.

  • In spring, a member of the Animal Protection Association, Deere, will carry her special Deer Biscuits to help out animal lovers in Deer Prairies to the east of the Assyrian Grassfield and the northeast of the Blade Hunter Base. Survivors can use Deer Biscuits to attract and interact with deer nearby. Come pet some deer in Deer Prairies in spring!

Test Server Changes
Changes that are being tested solely in the Test Server for now. These may or may not come in the next update.

Emergency Assistance
Urgent news! The survivors were found to be besieged by a wave of infected people! Time is running out. Survivors who have received the news are kindly requested to come for emergency assistance!
  • When a survivor receives an assistance task, there is a probability that emergency assistance will be triggered; completing the emergency assistance will get a higher reward, and completing the emergency assistance will get 3 times the duty point.
  • Emergency assistance will face a large number of infected people. Survivors are requested to prepare well in advance!
  • There is a time limit for emergency assistance, which requires survivors to complete it as soon as possible.

Information Age
The camp ushered in a brand new information age!
  • After reaching level 58 of prosperity, the camp can be upgraded to the information age, and the upper limit of prosperity can be increased to level 90.
  • The camp furniture store can buy brand new wallpaper decoration manor.
  • The new technology of the information age starts from three aspects: planting, production, and military. When the manor is planted, it is possible to harvest the seeds of the plants and reduce the freight of some products in TV shopping; in the camp, you can use the camp vehicle supply to refuel , The temporary level of accessories is extended; at the same time, the ability to drive vehicles and the security of the camp are strengthened... It can meet everyone's needs in all aspects.
  • The mayor of the information age will receive the title of information leader.

Custom Red Packet
  • A custom red envelope has been added to the camp. After entering the camp for more than 48 hours, survivors with a collection level ≥30 can issue or receive red envelopes.
  • Select the corresponding red envelope type, enter the red envelope password as prompted, select the total number of red envelopes and the number of red envelopes and pay the corresponding credit points, then red envelopes can be issued in the camp.
  • Each survivor can issue up to 10 custom red envelopes per day; the upper limit of the cumulative value of the weekly custom red envelopes is: 50% of the weekly recharge credit points and the total number of consumer credit points.

Pendant Imitation
  • Survivors can copy the appearance of backpack pendants by consuming gold bars. After imitation of the ornaments, the attributes of the original pendants remain unchanged, only the appearance is changed.
  • The higher the quality of the pendant that need to imitate the appearance, the more gold bars will be consumed. The imitation printing restoration function can restore the appearance of the imitation pendant to the original appearance.
  • At present, only the appearance imitation printing of backpack-like pendants is supported.

Gifts from Friends
  • Gifts in the wish store can also be actively given to online friends. If the two parties are friends with each other, the gift will increase the friendship with the friends at the same time.
  • Some gift items cannot be obtained repeatedly, so when a friend owns the corresponding item, they cannot be given away.

Other Changes
  • Under the governance of the alliance and the camp mayor, Happy 101 and the private camp attract more urban residents. They look very active, try to chat with them!
  • According to the information reported by the caravan players in front, special infected persons whose appearance mutated into orange appeared in the field. They have the ability to resurrect other infected persons around. Please be very careful of survivors!

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