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【Update Insights 3/11】Spring Season

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The Landlord
Edited by yash1441 at 2021-3-10 09:50

Go Go Snowball

  • Snowballs
    - Snow Highlands.
    - Roll to increase size.
    - Frozen infected act as skittles.
    - Rewards for pushing snowballs at them.


  • Outfits
    Sakura Story - Mall (Limited-time Discount)
    Orchestral Grace - Lootbox

  • Cherry Blossom Fall
    - Story with 4 stages.
    - Rewards for every stage.

  • Sow Sakura
    - Plant the Japanese Cherry Seeds.
    - Harvest them to receive Sakura.

  • Sakura Bloom
    - Collect Sakura.
    - Submit to Rachel in your Private Camp or Hope 101 to accumulate progress for your server.
    - Cherry Blossoms blooming on some maps.

  • Sweet Nothings
    - Gift white chocolate for free through Wish Mall.
    - Bonus friendliness for gifting to same player.

  • Lucky Points
    11th March to 25th March 08:00
    - Zanbato Formula
    - Silver Rhino Helmet Formula
    - Orchestral Grace Outfit
    - Make sure to redeem/exchange your rewards from the Temporary Vault before the event ends.

  • Lucky Gift Box
    18th March to 25th March 08:00
    - Chinese-style furniture
    - Drone Chip: Lava Tiger Formula
    - Drone Chip: Iron Armed Warrior Formula

  • Duo Training
    Caravan Market
    - Ink Spring Swallow
    - Ink Star-like Lanterns

Shelter Lands

  • Added the function of canceling planting for the special products of the Shelter Lands camp.

  • Mulberry, Cranberry, Longan, Sea Buckthorn, and Lychee, the special products of the Shelter Lands, can be put on the Trade City.

  • The option of automatic renewal has been added to the Shelter Lands agreement signing interface.

  • Added time for opening and reading the gate of the security check room of the Shelter Lands.

Other Changes

  • Infrastructure

    - Camp flag: Triangular or Rectangular.
    - Seesaw: Two player interaction.

    - Jump Pad: Build on Wilderness and Private Camps and provide Speed Boost to vehicles.

  • Quest - Find a better rod
    - Hilsa Herring added as a target.

  • Christmas Village
    - Fixed cabin with two doors.

  • Camp Armor Shop
    - Fixed the wall collision bug.

  • Food - Sticky Rice Balls
    - Fixed the wrong assignment as a movement speed-boosting food.

  • Unstuck
    - Fixed the problem where it didn't work for some cases.

  • Sniper Cert
    Breath Holding
    - Fixed the actual damage.
    Blast Bomber
    - Fixed the skill not working properly.

  • Shield
    - Fixed weapons except pistol being usable in expanded form except.

  • Shortcut Bar
    - Added Area Operation button.

  • Card Preview
    - Preview personal cards before purchasing.

  • Improved the logic of the red dot guide on event and Mall screens.

  • Optimized the lag problem of receiving mail in the mailbox.

  • Optimized the quest of training missions and taking photos with outfit. Now it is possible to take photos with NPCs wearing designated outfits at the entrance of Hope 101 outfit store to complete the task.

  • Optimized the unlocking method of the projector for the imprisoned infected in the Darkest Prison.

PC Version Changes

  • Resolved lagging and crashing issues on some computer models.
  • Improved the loading speed during scene transitions.
  • SHIFT ALT key combinations can now be configured.
  • Added more key-binding options for building mode.
  • Added support for toggling mouse cursor with either keyboard input or right-clicking the mouse.
  • Added a separate key-binding option for directly equipping items in the secondary Diffuser slot.
  • Added free camera for vehicles.
  • Added key-binding options for Swing, 12-key Piano, and 23-key Piano.
  • Added a Quit Game button to the Account screen and the full-screen log off screen.

Test Server Changes
Changes that are being tested solely in the Test Server for now. These may or may not come in the next update.

Meroving Castle
Tech will receive an emergency rescue signal from Meroving Castle! When a boy who called himself Joey and his girlfriend Anya entered the abandoned castle for an expedition, they were attacked by an infected person. The situation is extremely critical, and the survivors are requested to rush to the rescue.

  • Weekly Area Operation - Meroving Castle is opened in the Levin City Dawn District. To enter Meroving Castle, you need to be Gather Level 85 and clear Island Reef.
  • You can get clearance rewards for the first pass each week, and you can get additional rating rewards for each pass. Each rating reward can only be obtained once a week. Reset every Sunday at 03:00.
  • The durability consumption of equipment during the operation is reduced by 90%, ammo consumption is reduced by 90%, and the durability loss of equipment when unconscious is reduced by 90%.
  • There is a probability that the exclusive Grade V accessories will be dropped during the weekly area operation of Meroving Castle.

New Infrastructure - Signal Tower
  • Add a new infrastructure signal tower. Survivors in a camp can use the signal tower to call the camp helicopter and return directly to the camp, but it has a longer cooldown time.
  • The survivor can also send a summoning message to friends/chat channels at the signal tower. The survivor who clicks to respond can go to the helicopter and move directly to the summoning signal tower. The summoning function has a cooldown time, and the response summoning has an upper limit of daily responses.

New Infrastructure - Refuge
  • Add a new infrastructure - Refuge. After adding fuel to the refuge, the refuge can be kept at a constant temperature and simple cooking can be carried out at the same time.
  • A wall-mounted TV is installed in the refuge, which can publish advertisements or make remote shopping through the Trade City.
  • A fishing platform will be provided in the refuge, through which the fishing rod can be thrown out for fishing. When using the fishing platform, please place the fishing window facing the water.

Underground Fountain
  • When survivors excavate ore in Sand Castle, Desolate Desert, or Barren Wilds, they may dig out wet rocks, and continue to dig wet rocks to dig out underground fountains.
  • The underground fountain will bring out the underground mineral materials at the same time, which the survivors can pick up and obtain.

Rabbit Hunt

  • According to caravan reports, traces of rabbits have been found in some wild maps. The Rabbit Trap portable formula is now available for survivors. Everyone is welcome to catch rabbits in the wild.
  • When a rabbit hole is found in the wild, make a rabbit trap and place it next to the hole, place food bait, and then wait patiently for the rabbit to enter the trap. The rabbit is very alert, and be careful not to make a sound or be found by the rabbit.
  • The caught rabbits can be sold in the Trade City or directly to the furniture store owner. It can also be raised in the manor field (manor level 8 or above is required), and Gray Rabbit Fur can be harvested after maturity. The value of rabbit hair has yet to be studied, and it can be directly burned and converted into nanoplastic.

Mall Optimization
  • Optimize the interface display of the mall, adjust the sorting and recommended display logic of the gift packages sold in the current mall, and merge the display tabs of the original limited-time gift packages, special offers, and other products for sale.
  • The jump and view buttons for the membership purchase page are added in the member exclusive mall.

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