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【Update Insights 3/25】Castle Awaits

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The Landlord

  • Outfits
    Youth Rule - Mall (Limited-time discount)
    Destiny Guardian - Lootbox

  • Unconstrained
    - Story with 4 stages.
    - Rewards for every stage.

  • Speed Legend
    25th March to 8th April 08:00
    - Amphibious Vehicle
    - Rainbow Unicorn Pendant

  • Lucky Gift Box
    1st April to 8th April 08:00
    - Destiny Guardian outfit
    - Temp. Control Bath
    - Formula Shards x888

  • Spring Kite
    3rd April to 7th April
    - Fly kites on designated spots.
    - Fly a Kite emote on Day 5.

  • Lucky Fortune Eggs
    3rd April to 8th April 08:00
    - Deep Abyss Optional Chest
    - Evolve Gear
    - Endeavour Backpack

  • Buy Benefits
    3rd April to 8th April 08:00
    - Sale Packs everyday.

  • Duo Training
    Caravan Market
    - Red & Blue Clown Ferris Wheel
    - Gold & Green Revel Stage
    - Seal Ball

Merovey Castle

  • Weekly Area Operation
    - Gather Level 85
    - Clear Island Reef
    - Grade V Accessories
    - Durability loss decreased by 90%

New Infrastructure

  • Signal Tower
    - Call camp helicopter to travel back.
    - Long cooldown.
    - Rally friends from the camp chat.

  • Refuge
    - Temperature control.
    - Cook dishes.
    - Trade City TV.
    - Fishing platform.

Underground Fountain

  • Maps
    - Sand Castle
    - Desolate Desert
    - Barren Wilds

  • Usage
    - Find Humid Rock.
    - Keep digging.
    - Collect ore.


  • Maps
    - Fall Forest
    - Clear Sky Wheat Field
    - Summer Rain Highway

  • Usage
    - Rabbit Trap in portable formulas.
    - Find a hare hole.
    - Set trap nearby, put bait and wait.
    - Trade the caught hares in Trade City.
    - Sell the caught hares to the Furniture Shop owner.
    - Raise the caught hares in your manor farm for Gray Rabbit Fur.


  • Adjustments
    - Screen layout improved.
    - Display logic improved.
    - Skip & View buttons in VIP Store.

Super Clash

  • Charles Town Super Clash
    5th April
    - Same rules as CTC.
    - Top 16 camps can register for SLS S2.
    - Top 10 registered camp can take part in SLS S2.
    - Shelter Lands Showdown Season 2 is on 25th April.


  • Adjustments
    - Improved collisions.
    - Change pitch midair.
    - No longer lose HP when collidin with objects.
    - Place instantly.
    - Improved the garage.
    - Improved the windows of some vehicles.
    - Fixed smart boarding of Taurus.

Player Interactions

  • Friends
    - Added recommendation tag.
    - Check how others added you.
    - View interaction history.
    - Renaming notice.

  • Roommates
    - Journal button in cohab chat.
    - Weather & Mood options for Journal.

Old Hero

  • Adjustments
    - Event extended to 14 days.
    - Return Quests extended to 10 days.
    - Buffs extended to 14 days.


  • Adjustments
    - Improved vehicle selection.
    - Improved journey end reports.

Other Changes

  • Cherry Tree & Fir
    - Can be planted in more ways.

  • Camp Exit
    - Return mails are now permanently kept when exiting camp.

  • Lag Reduction
    - Infected Invasion
    - Trap Infection

  • Bluebird Secret Quest
    - Fixed getting stuck in Mouth Town.

  • Camp NPC
    - Fixed getting stuck while walking around.

  • Area Operations
    - Quests will be posted on call board of the Commerce Bureau in Hope 101.
    - A mystery needs to be solved...

PC Version Changes

  • Removed the F shortcut key binding in the pop-up window for redemption of Gold Bars for Federation Credits to avoid delays when pressing F to buy goods in the Trade City.
  • Fixed the problem that the dialog box did not automatically close after sending the ENTER shortcut key in the chat box.
  • Reduced the frequency of pop-up reminders with too low fps to avoid affecting the experience of survivors.

Test Server Changes
Changes that are being tested solely in the Test Server for now. These may or may not come in the next update.

Summer Fireflies

  • With the assistance of survivors, the ecological environment of the wolf wild has improved slightly, and fireflies will appear on clear summer nights.
  • The survivors can make insect nets in their portable formulas, and use insect nets to catch fireflies.
  • Fireflies can be released directly in their own manor, or they can be kept in a fireflies ecological tank.
  • The firefly ecological tank will be sold in the training market. After the event, it will be put on the mall furniture center. Don't miss it!
  • Get the insect-catching net, take advantage of the night, let's go to the wolf hunting wild to catch fireflies.

Map Adjustments
  • When adjusting the map zoom, the text and the icon will be zoomed at the same magnification.
  • Solve the problem of text occlusion.
  • Important icons can be clicked, and corresponding descriptions will pop up.

Player Interactions
  • Upgraded the interactive button styles for both friends and co-living roommates.
  • The upgraded interactive button can easily access gifts, check wishlists, visit the manor, follow and more.

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