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Strategies for beginners 4

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[Nancy City Tricks 2018.12.06]
There are lots of great tricks you can use when doing the Nancy City Control Battle. Here is a simple guide.1. Basic Rules: (1) The team that gets 1000 Point wins.

(2) You can get Victory Points by attacking Strongholds. The team that first occupies a Stronghold gets to hold it.

(3) When you're dead and waiting to respawn, you can choose to spawn at either a Spawn Point or in the Stronghold your team is occupying.

2. Train: The train is constantly refreshed on the map, and is shown as a red icon. Survivors can jump onto the train to get projectiles and traps that can deal tons of damage to enemies. (Hint: You will be crushed to death by the train if you stand on the tracks).

3. Ammo Supplies: The ammo icons on the map mark the locations of Ammo Boxes. Any survivors can get ammo from them.

4. Medi Kits: Medi Kits are scattered all over the map, but can mostly be found in Strongholds. Survivors can open them to get medical supplies.

5. Floating Raft: Go to the top left and right corners of the map to get to the tarmac area by floating raft. You can enter the Stronghold directly by zip line there.

[Hot to Get Formula Shards 2018.12.05]
Formula Shards are one of the necessary materials for composing Formulas. Here is a brief introduction on how to get Formula Shards.1. Get Formula Shards by opening treasure chests in the Center Hall of Sand Castle.

2. Get Formula Shards by opening Paradrop Chests in Charles Town and Farstar City.3. When you enter the coded warehouse in the Snow Highlands' Guarded Mercenary Camp, you may find Advanced Chests. Open them to get Formula Shards.

4. You may get Formula Shards after purchasing Treasure Maps at the Stronghold Battle Merchant on wilderness maps.

5. Certain NPCs will give you Formula Shards as a gift when your Favorability reaches a certain amount.

6. You can exchange 200 Drill Medals for 1 Formula Shard with Ajar, the Nancy City Drill Training Officer. You can purchase 10 Formula Shards per day. Drill Medals can be obtained by taking part in the Nancy City Control Battle.

7. The Achievement System has 200 Achievements per phase. When you complete a phase you'll get Gold Bars, New Dollars and Formula Shards.

[Searching for and Extracting Resources 2018.11.02]
Here are several ways to gather resources:1. After entering the map, tap on the mini-map on the top right corner and place a "鈭" on what resources you want to gather. Nearby resources will then be shown. Now, it's time to gather.

2. Walk close to resources like Berries and Hemp and tap to pick them.

3. If you want to start logging, equip an axe and move close to resources like Wood. Aim at the white outline and tap the 銆怉ttack銆 button to log.

4. The process for mining Stone is the same as for logging. Just aim at some Stone and hit it.

5. Actions, such as gathering and running, will consume Hunger. You should also search for food to feed yourself by gathering and hunting when you're gathering Wood and Stone. If you feel hungry, your gathering efficiency will be greatly reduced.

[Manor Blueprint Intro 2018.12.04]
Here is a brief introduction to Blueprints which are used for Manor Construction.1. When you enable Build Mode, tap Edit at the top right corner to start Blueprint Edit Mode.
2. You can use any structures, or construct and delete things at will in Blueprint Edit Mode. In this mode, built structures are shown in blue. (In Blueprint Mode, actual built structures can't be deleted). Tap Complete Edit at the top right corner to quit.

3. When you've edited a Blueprint, you can tap Use Blueprint at the top right corner to show the Blueprint. Construction score and the materials required to complete a Blueprint are shown in the top left corner. Place materials in the blue area to construct the said Blueprint when you have enough materials.

[Maintaining Body Temperature 2018.12.04]
The most cost-effective way to raise your body temperature is to stay beside a bonfire. If you want to gather resources at night without getting severe frostbite, you can try these two methods:1. 銆怌arry cooked food that can raise your body temperature銆慡ome cooked food can restore your HP, Fullness and Health, and can also make you warm up. Classic ones are 銆恏ot water銆, 銆恮arm milk銆, 銆恏oney water銆, etc. The best ways to use: As night comes, the ambient temperature decreases. So you'd better eat some food that keeps you warm before sunset. This will greatly reduce any effects you suffer from frostbite at night. And of course, you have to hide in a cabin or stay by a bonfire when you're caught in a snowstorm. How to view day/night and weather changes: Tap 銆怱urvival Tool銆 at the top left corner of the game's UI > Check the real-time temperature and day/night changes.

2. 銆怑quip Armor with the "Warmth" attribute銆慡pend "Formula Research Data" to refit your Armor Formula at a 銆怓ormula Research Station銆-銆怓ormula Modification銆. A new 銆怶armth Effect銆 may be generated. The new Armor you made will have the Warmth Effect. Special Remarks: "Formula Research Data" is rare, so if you fail to get a Formula you like, you can go purchase Gear at a Trade Stall in Trade City or Hope 101. Modification Scope: After being modified, clothes may get a 2.0-5.0 銆怶armth Effect銆, and headwear may get a 1.0-4.0 銆怶armth Effect銆. Attributes Instructions: A 1.0 Warmth Effect prevents you from a 1C掳 reduction of body temperature. How to Modify:

[How to Get Low-grade Map Resources Faster 2018.12.04]
You can get lots of Fighting Mastery and Map Feats by taking part in Stronghold Battles on each map. (Exchanged for rare map resources and Treasure Maps): 銆怱tronghold Battle Unlock Conditions銆戙怚nfected Lair銆 (Unlocked at Lv.4 Manor) - Location: Fall Forest銆怣erc. Castle銆 (Unlocked at Lv.5 Manor) - Location: Sand Castle銆怚mp. Barracks銆 (Unlocked at Lv.7 Manor) - Location: Snow Highlands銆怘ow to enter a Stronghold Battle銆1. Tap the main map at the top right corner on the corresponding map > View and search for the Stronghold Battle icons on the left:

2. Enter via Quick Team-up:

銆怘ow to redeem items after battle銆慪ou'll be transferred to the battle entrance after the battle. Talk to the 銆怓ederation Mercenary銆 NPC nearby the Call-board to redeem items:

銆怴iew conditions and rewards for battle stars銆慣he Stronghold Battle on each map can be completed once per day (resets at 03:00 every day). Every battle has 3 difficulties: 1-star, 2-star and 3-star. As the star level increases, battle becomes more difficult and you may get more rewards. How to check unlock conditions and star level rewards can be seen below:

[Becoming Unconsciousness and Getting Unstuck 2018.11.02]
I. Coma and Revival:1. You will enter 銆怱erious Injury State銆 when your HP is 0. You must heal yourself quickly before this state ends, or else you'll fall down.

2. When in 銆怱erious Injury State銆, you can tap Emergency Heal (does not require any medical items) to restore a small amount of HP. After being healed, you'll enter Weak State for 30s.3. You can't use Emergency Heal again when in Weak State and will fall down if your HP reaches 0 again.4. You can choose to 銆怗ive up the struggle銆 when you fall down, at which point you'll fall into a coma after choosing it and will need to select a revival point.

Notes:1. You can also wait to be rescued. You'll get up at once if you're rescued before the countdown is over.2. You may drop some items and your Gear Durability may be reduced when you're in a coma.II. Unstuck:1. If you're stuck due to terrain or being trapped, you can tap 銆怱ettings銆 at the top right corner and use Unstuck.

2. Select 銆怰eturn to Start Point銆 and wait. You'll become unstuck and return to your normal position.

Notes: If you decide not to go anywhere then you will need to be rescued by other nearby players. You'll go to your savior's side after the rescue is complete.

[Fishing in the Wild 2018.11.22]
I. How to get fishing rods and bait:1. For your first time fishing, you should go to the  銆怌all-board銆 in your Camp or the 銆怌all-board銆 in the Commerce Bureau of Hope 101 to claim the Quest 銆怌ome on. Let's go fishing! 銆2. Go to the Fall Forest after claiming the Quest. Tap Quest at the top left corner to start tracking it, and then you'll be directed to Vast on the map. Talk to them to get a Fishing Rod, Bait and other Fishing Quests.3. Fishing will reduce Fishing Rod Durability. When the Durability reaches 0, the rod will disappear. After you complete the Fishing Quest, you'll get a Fishing Rod Formula. Tap 銆怓ormula銆 at the bottom left corner of the game UI to select a fishing rod and bait you want to make.II. Fishing Actions:1. When you equip a Fishing Rod, the Attack button will be change into an icon of a fishing rod, and a hook will be shown next to the Medi Kit button. Tap the hook to open the Bait UI. If there is Bait in your Backpack, tap it to hang it on your Fishing Rod. Then, you can start fishing.

2. A prompt will pop up to notify you if a fish bites the rod after you cast the line for a while. At this point the Fishing UI will be displayed. You need to hold or release the slack button to keep the pointer in the green section. When the fish under the marker circle completely lights up, it means the fish is on the hook.III. Additional notes:1. Fish you catch can be used for cooking.2. You must fish near water. However, no fish can live in the waters of your Camp. You have to visit wilderness maps like Fall Forest to fish.3. Tap 銆怌haracter Profile銆 at the top left corner of the game's UI, to view your Fishing Level and EXP.

[Ammo Boxes 2018.11.02]
I. Portable Ammo Boxes (useable in the wilderness):1. Select 銆怶eapon Making銆 at a 銆怗ear Workstation銆.

2. Choose 銆怉mmo Box銆 and tap 銆怣ake銆.

3. Claim it after making it, and select the Ammo Box on the left 銆怱hortcut Bar銆.

4. Place it in an open space.

5. Tap the Ammo Box and select the Weapon you want to reload. Tap to 銆怰eload銆.

II. Household Weapons Chests:1. Select 銆怓urniture銆 at a 銆怣aterial Bench銆.

2. Place the Weapons Chest in your house after making it.

3. Reload weapons by using Weapons Chests.

4. In addition, Tap 銆怉dd Ammo銆 to replenish ammo for Weapons Chests.

Notes: 1. Portable Ammo Boxes will disappear when they're used up. You can't replenish ammo for them.2. Weapons Chests can only be placed in your home, but can have their ammo replenished.

[Restoring HP and Health 2018.11.02]
I. Wilderness Recovery:1. The green bar at the top left corner represents your HP. You'll enter serious injury state when your HP reaches 0. Try to keep your HP at a normal level.
2. When your Hemp is low, you can pick Hemp out in the wilderness and make Bandages with it to restore HP.

3. Tap 銆怓ormula銆 at the bottom left corner and select 銆怘eal銆 to make Bandages (HP restoration) or Antiseptic Meds (Health restoration) with Hemp.

4. Use Bandages in your inventory to restore you HP.5. When your Health is low, you will become infected and start to lose HP.

II. Manor Recovery:1. If you want to use beds, just stand close to a bed. Tap 銆怳se銆 and select 銆怤ap銆 to restore your HP and Health.

2. 銆怤ap銆 reduces your Hunger, but it also restores your HP to full.3. If your Hunger is insufficient, tap 銆怱leep銆 and lie in bed to restore your HP and Health slowly.

[Using Vigor and Healing 2018.11.02]
How to use and restore Vigor:1. When you're gathering resources, Vigor is automatically consumed. Tap the state bar at the top left corner to view your Vigor.

Vigor>200: Use x2 Vigor to get x2 Gathering Mastery.1-200 Vigor: Use x1 Vigor to get x1 Gathering Mastery.0 Vigor: Gathering Mastery decreases to 10%, however, you're still able to gather resources as normal.2. Tap 銆+銆 next to your Vigor to use a 銆怭remium Drumstick Meal銆 to increase your Vigor. In addition, 10 Vigor restores every 10 minutes.

3. You can get 銆怭remium Drumstick Meal銆 by completing quests offered by Branken in the Furniture Shop in Hope 101. You can claim Branken's Vigor Quests once at 11:00 - 14:00 and 17:00 - 20:00 every day.

[Pet Management 2018.12.03]
Survivors are able to gather efficiently, or keep their Manors safe if they take advantage of pet habits.1. You can change the name, habit and appearance of your pet at Trainer Matilda in Hope 101. Different dogs offer different habit bonuses. For example, the Black-back is a great search dog, Dobermans should be watchdogs, and Labradors are good pack dogs.
2. Guard Dogs are responsible for guarding your Manor, search dogs pick up items automatically, and pack dogs help you hold items.

You can view items picked up by your search dog in your Travel Bag. Pack dogs will put items carried by survivors into the Travel Bag.3. A pet's Fullness and Mood will impact their foraging skills. You can feed dogs or interact with them to increase their Fullness and Mood.

[NPC Gifts and Rewards List 2018.12.04]
In the game, you can send gifts to NPCs. When your Favorability with them reaches a certain amount, the NPC will give you rewards in return. The rewards list is as follows. Hope 101:Town Hall 1F: Chris (Skill Points), Vincent (Armor Materials), Judy (Skill Points);

Commerce Bureau 1F: Fernando (Armor Materials), Rachel (Formula Shards);

Steak House: Rapunzel (Formula Shards), Stephen (Skill Points);

YK Store: Enya (Weapon Materials);

Square: Tom (Weapon Materials);

Market: Heider (Formula Shards) Notes: You can't meet him at the corner of the market until you complete the Quest Rainbow Paradise.
Sand Castle: HQ: Lina (Weapon Materials), Perfect (Armor Materials), Quitai (Skill Points), Quintus (Skill Points);

Southeast Oasis: Sekter (Weapon Materials);
Northwest Oasis: Sextius (Armor material in return);


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