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【Update Insights 4/22】Summer Festival

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The Landlord
Edited by yash1441 at 2021-4-21 21:17


  • Outfits
    Best Partner - Mall (Limited-time Discount)
    Speedy - Lootbox

  • Labor Medal
    Collect Labor Toolbox

    - Gathering
    - Killing
    - Fishing

  • Speed Racer
    - Race on the highway circuit
    - Rewards based on lap time

  • Lucky Treasure Hunting
    22nd April to 6th May 08:00
    - Spider Venom Assault Rifle Formula
    - Silver Wing Jetpack

  • Limited-Time Construction
    1st May to 6th May
    - Mecha-Style Building Formula

  • Lucky Gift Box
    29th April to 6th May 08:00

    - Speedy Outfit
    - [Code A] Doom Transformation Cabinet

  • Duo Training
    Caravan Market
    Mecha-Style Furniture
    - [Code T] Quartet Chandeliers
    - [Code F] Unknown Wall Decorations
    - [Code F] Oct Robotic Arm
    - [Code T] Crystal TV

Obelisk Festival
29th April to 5th May

  • Guard The Obelisk
    Everyday 21:00
    - Fight the Special Infected
    - Durability Loss reduced by 90%
    - Ammo Consumption reduced by 90%
    - Most Damage reward
    - Fatal Blow reward
    - All activities suspended

  • Activities
    - Every 2 hours Boom Team stunts
    - Use them to float in the air
    Ping Pong
    - Duel with other Survivors
    - First to 11 points wins
    - Fly kites to collect rewards
    Monster Projectors
    - Use Celebration Coupons to project monsters from your Index
    - Use Celebration Coupons to book a show

Manor Building

  • Renovation
    - Available at Manor level 3
    - Removed fees

  • Construction
    - Added buttons for recycling, undoing, restoring, and canceling selection
    - Removed deletion mode

Shelter Land Showdown Season 2
25th April

  • Rounds
    - 27th April
    - 29th April
    - 1st May

  • New Features
    Camp Sponsorhip
    - Sponsor your favorite camp during registration
    - Sponsorship result will affect the order of the camps
    - Can buff the sponsored camps
    Combat Support
    - 03:00 (1 Day Before) to 19:50
    - Perform combat support
    - Earn support points
    - Rewards sent at 21:35
    Airdrop Box
    - Added an additional reward of sweeping skills across the territory
    Adjust Points System

Shelter Lands

  • Adjustments
    - Optimized display of special resources
    - Added upper limit of quota for the special resources in transport helicopter.
    - Application of visit added to the transport helicopter.
    - Transport helicopter from other Shetler Lands can take you to more areas.

Map Adjustments

  • Task Tab
    Added In

    - Map
    - Transport Helicopter
    Divided Into
    - Oridnary Tasks
    - Assisstance Tasks
    - Daily Operations
    - Weekly Operations
    - Special Operations
    - Mark
    - Team
    - Navigate

Other Changes

  • Today's Recommendation section added to Mall.
  • Exchange manor location with campmates.
  • Quickly go to college when in camp.
  • Increased range of Light Stick at night.
  • Fixed bugs in Merovey Castle.

PC Version Changes

  • Voice Chat
    - Fixed

PSA: NetEase Games has decided to add the Test Server update that is bellow to the following SEA servers:







So, if you from one of the SEA servers, keep reading below.

Test Server Update
Changes that are being tested solely in the Test Server for now. These may or may not come in the next update.

Camp Upgrade
  • Whole camp will be renovated.
  • New camp regulations.
  • Overall layout changed.
  • Camp infrastructure recycled and materials refunded.
  • Double Garden Villa introduced and replaces Double Manors of Levin Outskirts.
  • Levin Migration plan cancelled.
  • Camp needs to be in Barren Era.
  • Added cohabitation tab in the Controller.
  • Merged the Repair and Decoration tabs in the Controller.
  • Merged the Vault and Security tabs in the Controller.
  • Cohabs can now move into Double Manors at will.
  • New Patrol Quests with increased rewards and lesser duration.
  • New Infected Invasion with new types of infected.
  • Defend 3 gates instead of Manors.
  • Added fixed artillery and incendiary tanks.

Other Changes
  • Added special loading screens for FF Secret Path, SC Golden Desert and Nancy City.
  • Mall has been renovated.
  • Unopened Shelter Lands can be visited through Transport Helicopter and Special Resources can be collected.
  • Optimized the map and adjusted the water areas.

Yash Raj Kapoor


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