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Update Announcement (April 22nd)

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The Landlord
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[Caravan 101]
1. Best Partner: The all-new outfit, Best Partner, is now available for purchase in the Mall. Enjoy a limited-time discount during the event. Purchase the outfit to get a bonus exclusive action;
2. Labor Medal: During the event, Survivors can gather/kill monsters/fish in wilderness maps and participate in Area Operations to get Labor Chests. After opening them, players can get 1 of the following items at random: Standard Screw, Standard Nut, Industrial Wrench, and Industrial Tape Measure. Players can exchange a certain number of Cool Summer items for Combination Rewards;
3. Speed Race: During the daily event, Survivors race against each other on the highway track set by the Federation. They'll be ranked based on the time they cross the finishing line and will earn great rewards;
4. Lucky Hunt: New Spider Venom Assault Rifle Formula available in the Lucky Hunt event! From April 22 to 8:00 on May 6, exchange a Federation Check for 100 New Dollars and a chance to draw from the Lucky Hunt 1 time, which can grant you a chance of getting a Spider Venom Assault Rifle Formula, a Silverwing Backpack Box, and more;
5. Limited-Time Building: From May 1 to 6, the Limited-Time Building event will become available, during which you can exchange Sweet Mangoes for New Dollars and Building Gift Boxes. Open the box for a chance to receive Mecha style Building Formulas. Duplicate formulas will be automatically converted into Building Exchange Vouchers, which can be exchanged for buildings in the Building Store;
6. Lucky Gift Box: Lucky Gift Boxes will become available from April 29 to 8:00 on May 6. Purchase them with Checks to get great rewards such as the Agent of Speed Headwear Box/Clothes Box, [Code A] Doom Transformation Cabinet, and more;
7. Duo Training: You can invite a friend to train with you. Complete the designated quests to get Mastery and Training Certs. You can also get bonus rewards from Caravan Support;
8. From April 29 to 8:00 on May 6, Mecha Style Furniture will be available on the Caravan Market for a limited time. Welcome to exchange! In addition, the Mecha Style Furniture Chest will be also available on the Caravan Market. Open the chest for a chance to receive rare furniture including [Code F] Oct Robot Arm, [Code T] LCD TV, and more.

[Obelisk Fest]
The Federation will host a Obelisk Fest from April 29 to May 5! The joyful horn sounds at the Levin City Obelisk! Survivors can fast travel to the Obelisk Fest location from the Obelisk Fest entrance, or through other gameplay screens to quickly participate in the event.
1. Defend the Obelisk! A Giant Infected will appear and launch an attack at 21:00 every day. Survivors can head to the Obelisk to defend it. Successfully defend the Obelisk and repel the Giant Infected to receive tons of rewards! During the Defend the Obelisk event, all Survivors will be supported by the Caravan's logistics and supplies. This means that the durability loss of weapons and gear, and ammo consumption when reloading, will be reduced by 90%. However, Combat Mastery Gain will also be reduced. Other events in the Obelisk Fest will be temporarily closed when the Special Infected appears, and these events will reopen when the Giant Infected is defeated.
2. Speedy Fest! During the Obelisk Fest, the Streetdance Squad will perform daily motorcycle stunts every 2 hours, starting from 00:00. Survivors can head to the Obelisk at that time to enjoy the show, or ride their own motorcycles to join in.
3. Survivors can collect Festive Balloons around the Obelisk. Survivors can ride in Festive Balloons to rise above the Obelisk and get a bird's eye view of the beautiful city! Collect and use Festive Balloons to get Celebration Tickets and other rewards.
4. Survivors can participate in Ping-Pong Fun on a Ping-Pong table around the Obelisk. The first Survivor to get 11 points will win the match. Any participants can receive rich rewards.
5. Survivors can fly Festive Kites and release Sky Lanterns around the Obelisk to get great rewards. Survivors can claim Festive Kites and Sky Lanterns on the event page every day. In addition, they can also get them by participating in activities like Ping-Pong Fun and Rising Balloon!
6. Survivors can unlock the Monster Projector and Fireworks Machine using Celebration Tickets. Unlock them to get rewards. Survivors can claim 2 Celebration Tickets on the event page every day. In addition, they can also get them by participating in activities like Ping-Pong Fun and Rising Balloon!

[Manor Construction Improvements]
1. The Great Power Company has adjusted Manor Renovation charges. Survivors with more than 3 Manors can renovate their Manors and Vaults however they like;
2. Optimized the basic operation of Manor Construction, with new buttons, including: Recycle, Undo, Redo, and Cancel Selection.
3. Removed Deletion Mode. Survivors can now directly perform Delete and Recycle operations without entering Deletion Mode.

[Shelter Land Showdown S2]
Shelter Land Showdown S2 will start on April 25. The battle will be rekindled. Let's wait and see who is qualified to occupy the 5 Shelter Lands.
The Shelter Land Showdown Preliminary, Semi-Finals, and Finals will start on April 27, April 29, and May 1 respectively;
1. Camp Sponsor added. All Survivors can sponsor their favorite Camps during Battlefield Registration and claim sponsor rewards. Sponsor results will affect the Registration Order of sponsored Camps, and can also provide powerful battlefield skills, including Fiery Aggression, Unshakeable Mountain, and Swift Wind;
2. Battle Support added. Battle Support can be done from 3:00 the day before battle to 19:50 on the day of battle. At 21:35 on the day of the final championship, rewards will be sent by mail according to the final support points;
3. During the Shelter Land Battle combat phase, Mayors and Acting Mayors can appoint 2 Camp members as Commanders. Mayors, Acting Mayors, and Commanders can edit Combat Team Members and grant them Combat Infrastructure Building Permissions, and determine the right moment to use Battlefield Skills;
4. During the Shelter Land Battle combat phase, after opening a Paradrop Box that drops at 20:15, the Faction will get Battle Points and the skill Complete Scan.
5. Adjusted the number of Battle Points that can be earned from each action and event during the Shelter Land Battle combat phase.

[Shelter Land Visit]
1. Optimized the Shelter Land Specialty display. The Shelter Land helicopter page now can display the Gathering Limit and Status of Specialties for that day;
2. Simplified the application for a Shelter Land visit. Survivors now can apply to visit a Shelter Land from the helicopter page directly;
3. Optimized the transport function of the Shelter Land helicopter. The helicopter now can go directly to other areas.

[Map Improvements]
1. Added a Quest Page to the Main Map and the helicopter screen;
2. The Quest Page is divided into Normal Quests, Assistance Quests, Daily Missions, Weekly Missions, and Special Operations. The number of completions for that day can be displayed according to the quest type. Quick mark, team up, navigation, etc. are also available on the Quest Page;
3. Optimized the Main Map's graphics, and enhanced the 3D effect of water waves;

[Other Content & New Rules]
1. Added "Today's Pick" in the Mall, which displays selected items as well as recommended discount Outfits for Survivors every day!
2. Survivors in their Camps can now exchange Foundations with each other. Survivors on the Island can exchange their foundations with each other, so can Survivors in the Downtown Area;
3. Optimized fast-travel to Death High from the Camp;
4. Increased the display range of resources on the mini map when the Glow Stick is turned on at night;
5. Optimized the gathering location of Merovey Castle to avoid a situation where the next quest cannot be triggered after Survivors have gathered.

[PC Version]
1. Fixed the issue where the voice chat feature wouldn't work on some PCs.


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