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【Update Insights 5/6】Welcome to New Camp

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The Landlord
Edited by yash1441 at 2021-5-5 20:41

Camp Upgrade

  • Changes
    - Layout updated
    - Camp Infrastructures refunded
    - Appearance updated with new customization options
    - Levin Migration Plan cancelled
    - Double Manor available to all cohabs
    - Double Garden Villa plots available
    - Camp Statue added for daily rewards
    - Manor Controller UI updated
    - New Camp Era - Barren Era
    - New Camp Patrols
    - New Infected Invasion


  • Outfits
    Galactic Love - Mall (Limited-time discount)
    Galactic Love Collector's Edition - Lootbox

  • Daily Login
    14 Days
    - Galaxy Lucky Gift Box
    - Double Cross Country Backpack

  • New Camp Plan
    - Complete designated camp missions
    - Get cheer points for your camp
    - Top 100 receive event-limited customized camp appearance

  • Formula Rate Up
    - First draw everyday has Collector Edition skin rate up
    - First 5x draw at 50% cost

  • Lucky Star
    Area Operation
    - Requires 3 or more players in team
    - Randomly selected from players with >20% DPS
    - Chosen player can refresh their Ownerless Treasure Chest reward
    - Choose one of the 2 rewards

  • Galactic Collection
    6th May to 20th May 08:00
    - Galactic Love Collector's Edition
    - Endeavor Jetpack
    - Silver Rhino Helmet

  • Lucky Gift Box
    13th May to 20th May 08:00

    - Beta Drone Chip
    - The Wind & Waves Theme Box

  • Discount Market
    13th May to 20th May 08:00

  • Duo Training
    Caravan Market
    - Light Luxury Bird's Nest
    - White Light Luxury Leather Chair
    - Modern Minimalistic Furniture Treasure Chest
    - Luxury Black Gold Waterscape
    - Contrasting Color Interactive Wall

Exclusive Accessories

  • Area Operations
    Guaranteed drop of either Exclusive Accessories or General Components (of the corresponding level).

  • Accessories Store
    - Exchange accessories for general components
    - Through Accessories interface or Area Operations section on the Schedule
    - Only green accessories are provided including Muzzles and Knobs etc
    - Limit on the amount of accessories exchanged daily

  • Accessory Fusion
    - Choose which accessory to save upon fuse failure if Magnetic Core(s) is/are used, and rest of the two accessories are protected on random basis.
    - Fusion success rate of Grade II and Grade III accessories increased to 65% and 60% (80% and 75% with Magnetic Cores).
    - Grade I accessories can be fused to Blue now.
    - Fusion success rate of Grade I accessories is 80% (100% with Magnetic Cores).

St. Rona Rebuilds

  • Lava Secret Grotto
    - Gather Level 100

  • Grand Theater
    - Gather Level 101

  • Rewards
    Grade VII Exclusive Accessory

Manor Levels

  • Manor Level 20
    - Cert upgrade available
    - New Weapons, Armor and Shields
    - New Map near Levin
    - New Resources Level 10
    - Collect Infected Blood in the new map and submit to Scientia researcher

  • Manor Level 21
    - Level 105
    - R2 Drone Module Formulas unlocked
    - R2 Drone Module Alpha variants received

  • Manor Level 22
    - Level 110

Turbulent City

  • Homestead Security Simulation
    - Manor Level 6 and up
    - Locker resources will be lost upon breaking in
    - Breached manors will only be partially repaired
    - Double Manor owners can raid together
    - Cancellation of contract has a 48 hour period
    - Enter 5 camps a day
    - 7 breakthrough rewards per day
    - Contract signing rewards  at 3 days, 7 days and 15 days
    - Adjusted types of resources dropped in raids


  • Simplified Assembly
    - Droone interface has moved to the Hangar from the Workstation
    - Only drone chip is needed to assemble a drone and modules can be added later for their corresponding attributes

  • Beta Drone Chip
    - All old chips have been added to the Alpha Drone Chips type
    - Beta Chips can be directly assembled into drone
    - Beta Chips can be directly installed in Alpha Drone types as a second core
    - Shield A Taurus Beta Chip will be released in the 13th May Lootbox


  • Blade Hunter Base
    - Wreckage of a plane appeared
    - Rachel awaits help
    - Arrive at the radio station to start the survey
    - Rewards include accessories, resources, formula shards, gold bars and mastery

  • Story Booklet
    - Added all past story of LifeAfter world
    - All future plot missions will be added here

Other Changes

  • Area Operations
    New loading image

  • Nancy City
    New loading image

  • Mall
    Visual update

  • Shelter Lands
    Unopened shelter lands can now be visited to farm special resources in their farm

  • Map
    Water pattern enhanced

  • Merovey Castle
    Fixed the special infected getting stuck

  • White Rabbit Fur
    Added usage in making products and appear more frequently in Winter season and stay in the holes more often during Summer season

  • Death High
    Fixed some icons

  • Renaming
    Players can choose whether to notify their friends about rename

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