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【Update Insights 5/20】Godzilla vs Kong

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Edited by yash1441 at 2021-5-20 04:39

Pampered Sweetheart

This new outfit will be available in the mall at a discounted price for 2 weeks.

Lucky Wish

Make wish using the Wishing Gift Box receiving double Friendliness when it is fulfilled. You also stand a chance to win Pampered Sweetheart outfit when the even ends on 28th May 20:00.


Collect materials to ignite fireworks while you gather, do combat or fish. Firework performances will be held at 18:00 everyday, you can take selfies at that time to receive rewards.

Photo Contest

Take part in a photo popularity contest in your server. Give glow sticks to your favorite photos to boost their popularity. Rewards for reaching popularity goals and placing in the top 10 each day.

Duo Training

Receive Souvenir Silver Coins upon quest completion which you can redeem in the Caravan Market for Miss Kitty, Mister Puppy, Kitty & Puppy Furniture, Kitty & Puppy Manor Appearance etc.

LifeAfter x Godzilla vs Kong Crossover

Monster Challenge - 10:00 to 22:00

Fight Godzilla or King Kong and earn rewards if you are the quickest to defeat the monster each day.

Investigation Team
Make a 4 player team to do quests each day to unlock Godzilla Pendant.

Beware of Monsters - 18:00 to 22:00
Fight the giant monsters in Nancy City.

Many new events await in this crossover for a chance to win Flamethrower Godzilla Edition, Zanbato Kong Edition, Revolver Godzilla/Kong Edition, Steel Shield Godzilla/Kong Edition, and more. Go participate in the events to get the crossover themed items, gears, outfits and lot more!

Fixed the bug where players can't be attacked if level was low.

Changes to termination of raiding agreement and its cooldowns.

Improved the UI to make the Statue easily upgradable.

Upgraded the Camp Card customiztion options.

Statue Pray displays all possible rewards to survivors.

Gathering Drones can now gather ore from underground springs.

Guardian Drones' Turret Mode can have Shield Supply skill now.

Fixed the map icons.

Improved Mall loading time.

Accessory Fusion unlocks at Lv 38 now.

Galactic Love hair physics improved.

Firefly Eco Tank is now available on Mall.

Old Hero schedule and icons improved.

Drop rate of Territory Quest items increased.

Adjusted the shortcuts in Build mode. Added new buttons to some screens.

Adjusted the Upgrade, Energize, Repair and other functions on gears in backpack.

Formula Machine interface has better sorting and layout.

Portable Formulas now have the option for Formula Fusion, Formula Modification and Exchange Center added like on the Formula Machine.

Formula Shards are now stored in the Special Items section of the backpack.

Added tips to obtain advanced materials, treasures, advanced formulas, nanoplastic materials, etc.

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