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Ɽinku☾—— "Finding Our Little Sister"

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In-game name: Ɽinku☾
Server: LevinCity

  "Finding Our Little Sister"

    My name is Rinku. I live with my older sibling named Jsoon and my
lil Sister named Sela. Our parents are killed by the zombies that's
why we learned how to survived from the zombies together. Until One
day... While we're searching for woods in the fall forest,  I lost my
lil Sister Sela. I ran went home and tell my brother about it then he
decided me to stay in our home while  He is outside searching  for
Sela.  A week have past but they still not coming back. So I decided
to go outside too. I was in the middle of the Sand castle then I saw a
group of Scientia soldiers. I tried to sneak then I heard something,
They are hunting people not a zombie to be their human test subject. I
follow them secretly until I saw a place where many humans are in a
hospital cot inside a canopy tent. They are so weak and they are tied
up in bed. Until I saw a familiar face. "my lil sister" i was so
shock. They use my sister I need to get her. I crawl and crouch to
hide while going into her bed to rescue her. I poke my little sister
while lying in.

" Sela.. wake up... we have to get out of here " I whispered.
She slowly opened up her eyes.

" Rinku ... what are you doing here? " she whispered in weakened voice.

"Go home. please.. you should not be here ...  Save yourself and our
brother. They already made me as their test subject" she added.

" No.. We I want to go home with you Sela, I will untied you dont
move okay, " . I untied her then she said " Rinku , I can't control my
body , I can't.. stand" she said.

" No lets--- ". Someone Notice me .

" Hey!! Who are you ?!!! guards!!!" a nurse shouted .I'll tried to
carry Sela but its too heavy.

"I'll stay here .. save yourself please im begging you. They already
inject me an infected blood." She said while I'm trying to carry her.

"Fivs .." She whispered.

"I met him in the Fall forest.. He promised me that he will show me a
community where survivors are now living  .... He was a traitor... He
just manipulate me. He is one of the Evil Scientist who make monster.
If I can't make it now sis please.. Avoid that man.. Tell brother too"
She suddenly stopped because someone pull her from my back.

"SEEEEELLAAAA!!!" I shouted and fight those nurses using my Sawblade
then scientia soldiers come on my way too. Sela suddenly fell down and
unconscious. I can't do anything . I ran fast leaving my little sister
in the hand of crazy nurses. While i was running the Scientia soldiers
are after me.

Then a stranger man came down from a helicopter rope ladder and gives me a hand.
I don't know if he is good or not . I just need to survived for now I
need to come back to save my little sister.

When I reach his hand  reach helicopter,

" Hi my name is Branken from Hope 101 , we save people who are escaped
from that Human Test area. "

When we are Already arrived at the Hope101 , We walk a kilometers away
then I saw a facility area where they quarantine people they've

" After a quarantine , Go to the bar inside and there's a lot of food
there maybe you're hungry little kid" The old man said.

So many people here . Some looks like they're wearing costumes until I
saw the bar and I was amaze in the bartender his costume looks so

" Wow , your costume is so realistic dude , Can you give me some drink
" I said .

" Are you sure for this ?" He said .

Is he talking about food?..

" Yes.. yes... I want " I answered the he gave me a drink. I drink it .

I was thinking how can I save my little sister and I remembered I need
to go home now to tell my brother.

I was about to go but my sight turn black.


I wake up so dizzy.

" Hell!, where am I?"

I saw Branken looks so disappointed.

" Little girl.. I told you to eat meal what did you do?" he said.

" Wait... what's going on"  I really don't know what he talking about.
He gave me a mirror.

WHITE?!!" I scream in surprised.

"little girl you drink up a revenant solution, I told you to go to the
bar to eat meal not to be revenant" he explained while disappointed.

" What revenant?! I went to the bar and eat as you said but why did
this happen to me" I said.

"Ow.. sorry little girl I forgot to tell you.. Not the bar here beside
the facility, I was referring the bar in the basement , I'm sorry to
tell you that your are now revenant. Your half blood is infected but
don't worry, You can still control your body unlike other zombies. We
can give you a Human gene injection but it will just work after 70days
just take the Revenant pills for now." he explained.

"I need to go home and to see my brother . Maybe he will kill me when
he saw me like this" I said.

" Don't worry I'll just give you the Human tint injection so that you
can still look like human , but the corrolla flower in your back we
can't do anything to hide it. Don't worry if you are revenant, your
body will be immune to the infected, Just think yourself as a
vaccinated haha" The old man laugh. Is he kidding ? well not funny and
I'm serious. I looked like dead and my other eye looks like sore eyes.

   A Three  days have past , I learned a lot from them. They also
offer me revenant trainings and now I can control myself better. Now ,
I decided to go home to talk to my brother.

" Bye guys, Thanks a lot I'll come back again " I waved my hand then I
drive home using my motorbike.

When I arrive home, I saw my brother's motorbike in front our house.
As I entered the house , I saw my brother packing up his things to go
again .

"Rinku!!!" he shouted as I enter his room.

"I said stay where you at in 3 days ? What did you do!!" He added.

"I saw our lil sis ...." I cried .

"where ? why you're not with her??" he gave me a confused look.

" She was kidnapped by scientia soldiers and they made her as a human
tester... I tried to save her But I can't " I cried.

" Don't worry We'll try to save her ... calm down Rinku .. We can get
our little sis.." He pat my head.

" She mention someone named Fivs . He's the one who kidnapped her and
also one of those crazy scientist" I explained

" And I have to tell you something brother, I become a revenant "

" Wu-what? what did you say ? .. how?" He was giving me a very
questionable look.

I explained anything about revenant to him. He get mad at first but
now he'll understand.

" I guess that's better that you are revenant for now  so can you have
powerful abilities that will help to rescue our little sister." he

" Tomorrow morning.. Let's go rescue Sela" He added.


It's 5am in the morning .My brother and I prepared lot of smoke bomb
and weapons to rescue our sis.

Now we are riding with our motorbikes to the Scientia Location.
In just two hours we reach the location. We park our motorbikes a meters away.
We sneak and we tried to look for out sister in every hospital cot and
Every Canopy  tents  but we cant find her. I'll went near my brother
then I whispered while crouch.

"Psst .. She's not here maybe they transfer or they hide her. "

Then one of scientia soldiers saw us " THERES AN INVADER HERE!!!!"
soldier shouted.

My brother face changed and became angry. He qet his FAMAS and kill it all !!"

" WHERE'S MY LITTLE SISTER!!! BRING HER OUT!! " My brother shouted.

Then I heard a foots steps.

*clap *clap *clap

" Nice your good on firing my soldiers.. I'm Fivs By the way hahaha a
very genius scientist.. I already kill you little sis , So stop
bothering my Genius Experiments " Crazy man said.

STUPID BRAIN!! "My brother was so mad now.

" We'll if that the case ... I'll give you what you want.." that crazy
Fivs open a huge cage then an enormous Infected came out. He ride on

My brother and I was ran away fast . He tried to shoot while we're
running but it was fast. We heard evil Fivs laugh.

"Brother , I need to fight him I'm a revenant now , I have special
abilities ," I stop running then I fly and kick that crazy Fivs . He
fell down and I gave him a punch on his face.

I saw the huge monster who was after my brother. My brother was about
to shoot it but I notice something.

" Brother!!! dont shoot!! it's our sister!!!!" He stopped.

I ran fast  near them. I gave my sister an antidote and she came back
to normal again but still unconscious. Our brother run in us and carry

"How did you know it was Sela? I almost kill her but gladly you notice
" He asked while we're in motorbike  carrying our little sister.

" I saw a band aid in her back . She got that wound when branches
cling her back. I gave her that band aid week ago "

After that we went to Hope 101  Revenant facility to cure Sela.

I'm glad our little sister is okay now. She slowly recovered.
We decided to inject her a revenant antidote for now so that the
corrolla good virus  will help to fight the bad virus that injected to

           And that was our story and how becoming a revenant helps to
save my Little Sister.


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