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【Update Insights 12/5】Getting Ready

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The second-last update of the year will bring a lot of fixes and a few new features like camp attendance. Let's go over the update highlights and see what should we expect.


This will bring a new reason to be active for the camp and survivors will be able to earn more rewards doing basic stuff. Camps will also be able to estimate their activity rate and decide when to recruit and kick players.

  • New attendance tasks are added to the camp each day. These can be viewed on the message board of your manors. Upon completion, survivors will increase the attendance number of the camp and also get additional task rewards.

  • Survivors can now participate in camp patrols, military drills and attendance tasks to get attendance for the camp. Each player can only get 1 attendance per day.

  • Now the attendance of the camp is adjusted to accumulate on a weekly basis instead of daily. After reaching a certain amount of attendance, rewards can be obtained through the message board of the manors.

  • Each reward can only be received once a week. Attendance will be reset every Monday at 0300 in-game time. Unreceived rewards would be issued by mail.

  • The mayor and the officials with the permission can set up the camp attendance task in advance through their message boards.

  • The top five survivors in their camp's attendance list can also get a limited-time title "Hardworking Bee".

We are going to have 5 events this update.

  • The new outfit, Fearless, will hit the shelves and can be bought for a limited time discount.

  • Rad. Chest is now available in the Mall! You can claim 1 for free each day or purchase them with Federation Checks. Every Rad. Chest is guaranteed to give you 100 New Dollars and a chance to receive a LaserCut Outfit Pack.

  • The Lucky Ironfist Pack is now available and can be purchased with Federation Checks. Every Lucky Ironfist Pack is guaranteed to give you 100 New Dollars, and a chance to receive [Ironfist Pendant Box], Crimson Armor Formula, and Crimson Armor Skins (the armor formula must be unlocked before you can get its skins).

  • Early Winter Gifts are now available. Complete designated quests each day to receive generous rewards. During the weekends, you can spend x2 Vigor to gain x2 Mastery while gathering. Meanwhile, the Caravan Market will also provide limited-time offers. Don\'t miss out on the opportunity!

  • Burn those calories! Complete Exercise Quests and clock in when you burn 300 kcal to claim extra rewards each day. The Extra Rewards will reset every 7 days.

  • Full 7-day Attendance Rewards are now available. Sign in each day to receive daily rewards and increase your Savings Rewards. The more you sign in, the better your Savings Rewards will be.

  • Duo Training is now available. You can invite a friend to participate with you. Complete designated quests to get Mastery and Training Certs. Training Certs can be used to redeem valuable items in the Caravan Market, such as White Rose Glass Bottle and Black Lacquered Flow-stand Rack.

Expanding on the lore, we will have new quests given by the residents that will help progress our story.

  • Resident Requests have two quest lines: The first quest line involves a series of Supplies Preparation quests located in Hope 101 while the other is a series of Hunting Quests located in Fall Forest. Survivors can choose one of the two quest lines.

  • In addition to the original Resident Requests, more diverse quests have been added to Supplies Preparation in Hope 101, such as Drone Trial, retrieving excess resources with the Caravan, finding the owners of lost items, dispelling NPCs' doubts, delivering supplies at high altitudes while maintaining balance, and more.

  • Talk to Ingrid to unlock Fall Forest's Hunting Quests, which include hunting different animals with a bow for the Caravan, rescuing real survivors, clearing your excess resources, slaying large numbers of Infected with your friends, and more.

  • Survivors can switch between the two quest lines. The progress of uncompleted quests will be cleared when switching quest lines.

  • Both quest lines yield rich rewards once completed. There are also additional rewards after completing the 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 10th quest.

There are several fixes to the new Rebuild quests to improve the experience.

  • The issue where the boss in Black Mire couldn't attack Barricades has been fixed.

  • The issue where the final boss in Levin City Hospital was dragged out of the highlighted zone has been fixed.

  • The issue where the final boss got stuck ha been fixed in Hero Park.

  • The issue where the commander of the army in the Highland Factory would not call for reinforcements because he could not find the target has been fixed.

  • Difficulty of Golden Desert has been adjusted. Rebel Mercenaries will no longer paralyze Survivors in rapid sessions. The HP of normal Rebel Mercenaries and Infected are slightly reduced. Natasha's HP is increased.

  • The quest score for completing Faction Battles has been raised for both the Human and Infected factions. The difficulty to obtain the Formula Special Research material rewards at 100 Points have been lowered.

  • Fixed the issue that the melee weapon gave high combat mastery in the Santopany Stronghold.

  • Reduced the difficulty of some tasks in Nancy City Sports.

  • Premium Goggles have been added to Formula Special Research.

  • The spawn rate of Mystic Creature spawn has been adjusted. Multiple Mystic Creature spawn points will no longer appear at the same time. Survivors will also receive a notice when the Mystic Creature they slain has respawned on the same day.

  • In order to provide Survivors with a better shopping experience in Trade City, items that are on sale in bulk will now display both the unit price and the total price.

  • Tapping a player avatar in team or Camp chat now gives the option to @ the particular player in chat.

  • Adjusted the display in the Formula Research Station.

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