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Camp Olympic Season 1: Camp Marathon

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Hey Survivors,
Have you taken part in any self-organized camp events before? They are very fun to play and help create special memories with your campmates~

The Camp Olympics series event is about encouraging survivors to organize their own events. Every season we will show you guys the theme and the recommended rules. Also, we will sponsor your events! Just gather your campmates and have fun! Nothing else to worry about!
If you ever thought about holding a fun event to play with your campmates, this could be something you don't want to miss.

Theme of Season 1: Camp Marathon

鈥斺擱ecommended Rules鈥斺
鈥 Runners shall run a marathon along the route shown in the picture.
鈥 They start from the yellow flag point and finish after crossing the green flag point.
鈥 There are helicopters at all 5 turning points, and runners can turn back after they touch the helicopter.
鈥 The first runner who finishes the route and crosses the finish line will be the champion.
鈥 Runners are not allowed to use any vehicles throughout the competition, but there are no restrictions on other items such as food and gear.
鈥 The other camp members can interfere with the runners throughout the competition. Flash bombs and Smoke Bombs are recommended for interference.
鈥 The result of the game is announced by the organizer, and the competition is supervised by all camp members.

(These are the recommended rules, the organizers can adjust them according to themselves, such as adjusting the route.)

鈥斺擧ow to organize/participate鈥斺

鈼廔f you would like to be an organizer:
1. Send a private message which includes your 'Camp name + In-game name + ID + Server' to Survive LifeAfter Facebook for registration, and wait for the staff to confirm.
2. After the staff confirms, please discuss the date and time with your campmates and inform the staff.
3. Hold the competition as scheduled, and record happy moments by pictures/videos.
4. Share the pictures/videos to Facebook adding #CampOlympics #CampMarathon.
5. Send the Facebook post link to Survive LifeAfter Facebook, and tell the staffs the 'In-game name + ID + Server' of the Camp Marathon winners.
(If you find it difficult to organize the competition, you can do it through 鈥機ampCall-board 鈥 Camp Contest 鈥 Race鈥)

If you would like to be a participant / supporter:
1. Support Camp Marathon by speaking out the slogan in the Camp Channel of the in-game chat and take a screenshot as below

2. Send the screenshot to Facebook or Twitter adding hashtag #CampOlympics #CampMarathon with your 'In-game name + ID + Server'.

Camp Marathon Slogan:
Faster! Stronger! Have fun together!

Participation Award (Participant)
    We will award Top-3 winners of each camp for 600/400/200 formula shards.

Supporter Award (Supporter)
    We will choose10 lucky winners who supports Camp Marathon by speaking out the slogan and send the screenshot for 300 formula shards.

Participation Award (Organizer)
    We will award all the organizers who successfully organize the Camp Marathon with more than10 participants for 800 formula shards.

Best Organization Award (Organizer)
    We will choose 5 winners who successfully organize the Camp Marathon with many participants and share impressed videos/photos to record the happy moment, $30 Amazon Gift Card will be added to their awards.

Event duration: Aug 3rd锝濧ug 17th

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